Discounts on Vinyl and CDs

We offer discounts for our collectable vinyl and CDs...

The more you buy the more you save!

These discounts apply across all sellers regardless of how many you order from each – even if you order 1 item each from 5 different sellers these discounts apply. Please note, the discounts apply to the value of the items only, and do not include postage.

What can you save?

Spend £50 or more and get 5% off - Minimum 5 items

Spend £100 or more and get 7.5% - Minimum 5 items

Spend £200 or more and get 10% - Minimum 10 items

Gift vouchers are excluded of course, but you will still get a discount when you spend your vouchers, just not when you buy them!

We also reduce ALL prices across the website on a regular basis.

Once an item has been for sale for a few months, it's price will start to fall. How much it falls depends on the initial sale price – but it means that if you see an item you like but are unsure about the price, you can keep checking back until it reaches a price you are happy to buy at. Don’t wait too long though – there may be others waiting to grab it too…!

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