Here is my bubble.

CRELP 001V/A - Alive In The Living RoomLP1984
CRELP 002V/A - Wow! Wild SummerLP1984
CRELP 003Jasmine Minks - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 All The Good Preachers Go To HeavenLP1984
CRELP 004Biff Bang Pow! - Pass The Paintbrush HoneyLP1985
CRELP 005V/A - Different For Domeheads
Comments:inc. Primal Scream, Bodines, Pastels
CRELP 006Membranes - Gift Of LifeLP1985
CRELP 007Jasmine Minks - Jasmine MinksLP1985
CRELP 008Chills - Kaleidoscope WorldLP1986
CRELP 009Felt - Let The Snakes Crinkle Their Heads To DeathLP1986
CRELP 010V/A - Purveyors Of TasteLP1986
CRELP 011Felt - Forever Breaths The Lonely WordLP1986
CRELP 012Sudden, Nikki - TexasLP1986
CRELP 013Jasmine Minks - SunsetLP1986
CRELP 014Drummond, Bill - The ManLP1986
CRELP 015Biff Bang Pow! - The Girl Who Runs The Beat HotelLP1987
CRELP 016Sudden, Nikki - Dead Man Tells No TalesLP1987
CRELP 017Felt - Poem Of The RiverLP1987
CRELP 018Revolving Paint Dream - Off To HeavenLP1987
CRELP 019Westlake - WestlakeLP1987
CRELP 020Biff Bang Pow! - OblivionLP1987
CRELP 021Momus - Poison BoyfriendLP1987
CRELP 022Sudden, Nikki - Kiss You KidnappedLP1987
CRELP 023Berry, Heidi - FireflyLP1987
CRELP 024V/A - Doing God's WorkLP1987
CRELP 025Jasmine Minks - Another AgeLP1988
CRELP 026Razorcuts - StorytellerLP1988
CRELP 027Jazz Butcher - FishcothequeLP1988
CRELP 029Biff Bang Pow! - Love Is ForeverLP1988
CRELP 030Felt - The Pictorial Jackson ReviewLP1988
CRELP 031Pastels - Suck On The PastelsLP1988
CRELP 033Weather Prophets - Judges, Juries & Horsemen
Comments:Initial copies with free 7'' single
CRELP 034House Of Love - The House Of Love
Comments:Initial copies with free 7'' single
CRELP 035Felt - Train Above The CityLP1988
CRELP 036Momus - Tender Pervert
Comments:Initial copies with free 7'' single
CRELP 037V/A - Doing It For The Kids
Comments:inc. My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, House of Love
CRELP 038Times - Beat TortureLP1988
CRELP 039Revolving Paint Dream - Mother Watch Me BurnLP1988
CRELP 040My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything
Comments:Initial copies with free 7'' single
CRELP 042Dhu, Duncan - Duncan DhuLP1988
CRELP 041Sudden, Nikki - Groove
Comments:2 x LP with The French Revolution
CRELP 043Sneetches - Sometimes That's All We HaveLP1989
CRELP 044Jasmine Minks - Scratch The SurfaceLP1989
CRELP 045Razorcuts - The World Keeps TurningLP1989
CRELP 046Biff Bang Pow! - The Acid House Album
Comments:Hand-sprayed sleeve
CRELP 047Loft - Once Round The FairLP1989
CRELP 048Berry, Heidi - Below The WavesLP1989
CRELP 049Jazz Butcher - Big Planet Scarey PlanetLP1989
CRELP 050Weather Prophets - Temperance Hotel...LP1989
CRELP 051Bounty Hunters - Threads A Tear Stained ScarLP1989
CRELP 052Momus - Don't Stop The NightLP1989
CRELP 053Times - E For EdwardLP1989
CRELP 054Primal Scream - Primal Scream
Comments:Initial copies with free 7'' single
CRELP 055Ball, Edward - L'Orange Mechanik
Comments:Limited edition - stickered plain sleeve with book
CRELP 057Church Of Raism - Church Of Raism
Comments:Limited edition with book
CRELP 056Love Corporation - TonesLP1990
CRELP 058Biff Bang Pow! - Songs For The Sad Eyed GirlLP1990
CRELP 059Momus - Monsters Of LoveLP1990
CRELP 061Tangerine - TangerineLP1990
CRELP 062Jazz Butcher - Cult Of The BasementLP1990
CRELP 063V/A - Do You Believe In Love?
Comments:inc. Primal Scream, Ride, My Bloody Valentine
CRELP 064Turner, Simon - Simon TurnerLP1990
CRELP 065Astor, Peter - Submarine
Comments:Initial copies with free 7'' single
CRELP 067Hypnotone - HypnotoneLP1990
CRELP 069Felt - Bubblegum PerfumeLP1990
CRELP 070Times - Et Dieu Crea La FemmeLP1990
CRELP 074Ride - NowhereLP1990
CRELP 075Something Pretty Beautiful - Something Pretty Beautiful
Comments:Mini-album comprising of their two Creation 12'' singles
CRELP 077Sneetches - Lights Out! With The SneetchesLP1990
CRELP 082V/A - Pensioners On Ecstasy
Comments:inc. My Bloody Valentine, House of Love
CRELP 083Sudden, Nikki - Back To The CoastLP1990
CRELP 084Slaughter Joe - The Pied Piper Of FeedbackLP1990
CRELP 087Pacific - Inference
Comments:Mini-album comprising of their two Creation 12'' singles
CRELP 666Brides Of Ashton - Themes From The Black Book
Comments:Ltd edition die-cut sleeve with creation press book
CRELP 060My Bloody Valentine - LovelessLP1991
CRELP 068Love Corporation - LoversLP1991
CRELP 071Biff Bang Pow! - MeLP1991
CRELP 072Fluke - The Techno Rose Of BlightyLP1991
CRELP 073Times - Pink Ball, Brown Ball, Ed BallLP1991
CRELP 076Primal Scream - Screamadelica
Comments:Double gatefold LP
CRELP 078Jazz Butcher - Edward's ClosetLP1991
CRELP 080Hypnotone - AiLP1991
CRELP 081V/A - Keeping The Faith
Comments:2 x LP
CRELP 085Weather Prophets - 87LP1991
CRELP 086Black Eg - Black EgLP1991
CRELP 088V/A - A Palace In The Sun
Comments:inc. My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream
CRELP 089Sand - The Dynamic CurveLP1991
CRELP 090Astor, Peter - ZooLP1991
CRELP 091Times - PureLP1991
CRELP 092Bounty Hunters - Wives, Wedding & RosesLP1991
CRELP 093Swervedriver - RaiseLP1991
CRELP 094Slowdive - Just For A DayLP1991
CRELP 095V/A - American Pensioners On Ecstasy
Comments:inc. Television Personalities, Swervedriver. Love Corporation
CRELP 096Teenage Fanclub - The King
Comments:Available for 1 week only, sprayed plain sleeve
CRELP 097Momus - HippopotamomusLP1991
CRELP 098Lilac Time - AstronautsLP1991
CRELP 099Biff Bang Pow! - L'amour, Demure, StenhousemuirLP1991
CRELP 100V/A - Creation Soup Volumes 1 to 5
Comments:A compilation boxset of the first 50 Creation singles. 5 x LP set including all five volumes of the Creation Soup series.
CRELP 101V/A - Creation Soup Volume 1LP1991
CRELP 102V/A - Creation Soup Volume 2LP1991
CRELP 103V/A - Creation Soup Volume 3LP1991
CRELP 104V/A - Creation Soup Volume 4LP1991
CRELP 105V/A - Creation Soup Volume 5LP1991
CRELP 106Teenage Fanclub - BandwagonesqueLP1991
CRELP 107Kusworth, Dave - All The Heartbreak StoriesLP1991
CRELP 109Velvet Crush - In The Presence Of GreatnessLP1991
CRELP 110Jazz Butcher - Condition BlueLP1991
CRELP 112Jasmine Minks - Soul StationLP1991
CRELP 114V/A - Area Code 212LP1991
CRELP 117V/A - Sorted, Snorted And SportedLP1991
CRELP 119Razorcuts - Patterns On The WaterLP1991
CRELP 079Telescopes - Higher 'n' HigherLP1992
CRELP 111Teenage Filmstars - StarLP1992
CRELP 113Momus - VoyagerLP1992
CRELP 115V/A - Keeping The Faith AgainLP1992
CRELP 118Silverfish - Organ Fan
Comments:Initial copies with free 7'' single
CRELP 120Boo Radleys - Everything's Alright Forever
Comments:Initial copies with free 7'' single
CRELP 121Sheer - Absolutely SheerLP1992
CRELP 122Pie Finger - A Dali SurpriseLP1992
CRELP 123Times - At The Astrodome LunavilleLP1992
CRELP 124Ride - Going Blank Again
Comments:2 x LP
CRELP 125Biff Bang Pow! - Debasement TapesLP1992
CRELP 129Sugar - Copper BlueLP1992
CRELP 131Poster Children - Daisychain ReactionLP1992
CRELP 134Superstar - Greatest Hits Vol 1LP1992
CRELP 142Medicine - Shot Forth Self LivingLP1992
CRELP 133BMX Bandits - Life Goes OnLP1993
CRELP 137Times - Alternative Commercial CrossoverLP1993
CRELP 138Adorable - Against PerfectionLP1993
CRELP 139Slowdive - SouvlakiLP1993
CRELP 141Teenage Filmstars - Rocket CharmLP1993
CRELP 143Swervedriver - Mezcal HeadLP1993
CRELP 144Teenage Fanclub - ThirteenLP1993
CRELP 149Boo Radleys - Giant Steps
Comments:2 x LP
CRELP 151Momus - TimelordLP1993
CRELP 153Sugar - BeasterLP1993
CRELP 155Poster Children - Tool Of The ManLP1993
CRELP 156Jazz Butcher - Waiting For The Love BusLP1993
CRELP 116Love Corporation - IntelligentsiaLP1994
CRELP 145Medalark 11 - Shaped Up, Shipped OutLP1994
CRELP 146Primal Scream - Give Out But Don't Give UpLP1994
CRELP 147Ride - Carnival Of LightLP1994
CRELP 157Swervedriver - Ejector Seat Reservation
Comments:Initial copies with free 7'' single
CRE 001Legend! - 73 In 83
Comments:Foldaround p/s some with flexidisc feat Pastels & Laughing Apple
CRE 002Revolving Paint Dream - Flowers In The Sky
Comments:Foldaround p/s
CRE 003Biff Bang Pow! - Fifty Years Of Fun7"1984
CRE 004Jasmine Minks - Think!
Comments:Foldaround p/s
CRE 005Pastels - Something Going On
Comments:Foldaround p/s
CRE 006X-Men - Do The Ghost
Comments:Foldaround p/s, orange/blue or yellow/green p/s
CRE 007Biff Bang Pow! - There Must Be A Better Life
Comments:Foldaround p/s
CRE 008Jasmine Minks - Where The Traffic Goes
Comments:Foldaround p/s
CRE 009Loft - Why Does The Rain
Comments:Foldaround p/s
CRE 010Legend! - Destroys The Blues
Comments:Foldaround p/s
CRE 011TPastels - A Million Tears
Surprise Me / Baby Honey
CRE 012Jesus & Mary Chain - Upside Down
Comments:Foldaround p/s, Initial run black & white p/s or red & white p/s. 2nd run in pink, yellow or blue sleeve w/ t-shirt offer insert
CRE 014Les Zarjaz - My Lady Owns A Fallout Zone
Comments:Foldaround p/s
CRE 013X-Men - Spiral Girl
Comments:Foldaround p/s
CRE 015Loft - Up the Hill and Down the Slope
Comments:Foldaround p/s
CRE 015TLoft - Up the Hill and Down the Slope12"1985
CRE 016Bodines - God Bless / Paradise
Comments:Foldaround p/s
CRE 017Primal Scream - All Fall Down
Comments:Foldaround p/s
CRE 018Jasmine Minks - What's Happening
Comments:Foldaround p/s
CRE 019Slaughter Joe - I'll Follow You Down
Comments:Foldaround p/s
CRE 020Meat Whiplash - Don't Slip Up
Comments:Foldaround p/s, 1st pressing has photo of band by a fence, 2nd band in a field
CRE 021TFive Go Down To The Sea - Singing In Braille12"1985
CRE 022TMoodists - Justice And Money Too12"1985
CRE 023TPastels - I'm Alright With You
Couldn't Care Less / What It's Worth
CRE 024Biff Bang Pow! - Love's Going Out Of Fashion
It Happens All the Time
CRE 024TBiff Bang Pow! - Love's Going Out Of Fashion12"1986
CRE 025Jasmine Minks - Cold Heart7"1986
CRE 025TJasmine Minks - Cold Heart12"1986
CRE 026Primal Scream - Crystal Crescent7"1986
CRE 026TPrimal Scream - Crystal Crescent12"1986
CRE 027Felt - Ballad Of The Band7"1986
CRE 028Bodines - Therese
I Feel
CRE 028TBodines - Therese12"1986
CRE 029Weather Prophets - Almost Prayed7"1986
CRE 029DWeather Prophets - Almost Prayed
Comments:Gatefold 2 x 7''
CRE 029TWeather Prophets - Almost Prayed12"1986
CRE 030Bodines - Heard It All7"1986
CRE 030TBodines - Heard It All12"1986
CRE 031Weather Prophets - Naked As The Day You Were Born7"1986
CRE 032Felt - Rain Of Crystal Spires7"1986
CRE 033Sudden, Nikki - Jangle Town7"1986
CRE 033TSudden, Nikki - Jangle Town12"1986
CRE 034Biff Bang Pow! - Someone Stole My Wheels7"1986
CRE 034TBiff Bang Pow! - Someone Stole My Wheels12"1986
CRE 035Slaughter Joe - She's So Out Of Touch7"1986
CRE 035TSlaughter Joe - She's So Out Of Touch12"1986
CRE 036Wilson, Phil - Waiting For A Change
Even Now
CRE 036DWilson, Phil - Waiting For A Change
Even Now
Comments:Gatefold 2 x 7''
CRE 036TWilson, Phil - Waiting For A Change
Even Now
CRE 037TMomus - Murderers, The Hope Of Women12"1987
CRE 038Biff Bang Pow! - The Whole World's Turning Brochard7"1987
CRE 039TDrummond, Bill - The King Of Joy12"1987
CRE 040TSudden, Nikki - Wedding Hotel12"1987
CRE 041Baby Amphetamine - Chernobyl Baby7"1987
CRE 042Langer, Clive - Even Though7"1987
CRE 043THouse Of Love - Shine On
Comments:4000 only
CRE 044THouse Of Love - Real Animal
Comments:4000 only
CRE 045Blow Up - Good For Me7"1987
CRE 045TBlow Up - Good For Me12"1987
CRE 046Wilson, Phil - 10 Miles7"1987
CRE 046TWilson, Phil - 10 Miles12"1987
CRE 047Collins, Edwyn - Don't Shilly Shally
Comments:Test Pressings Only - Unreleased
CRE 047TCollins, Edwyn - Don't Shilly Shally
Comments:Test Pressings Only - Unreleased
CRE 048TFelt - The Final Resting Place Of The Ark 12"1987
CRE 049TBlow Up - Pool Valley 12"1987
CRE 050TEmily - Irony12"1988
CRE 051TBiff Bang Pow! - She Haunts12"1988
CRE 052TApple Boutique - Love Resistance12"1988
CRE 053House Of Love - Christine
Comments:Die-cut, '99p' sleeve
CRE 053THouse Of Love - Christine12"1988
CRE 054Weather Prophets - Hollow Heart7"1988
CRE 054TWeather Prophets - Hollow Heart12"1988
CRE 055My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise7"1988
CRE 055TMy Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise12"1988
CRE 056Weather Prophets - Always The Light7"1988
CRE 056TWeather Prophets - Always The Light12"1988
CRE 057House Of Love - Destroy The Heart7"1988
CRE 057THouse Of Love - Destroy The Heart12"1988
CRE 058TPacific - Sea Of Sand EP12"1988
CRE 059Jazz Butcher - Spooky7"1988
CRE 059TJazz Butcher - Spooky12"1988
CRE 060TFelt - Space Blues12"1988
CRE 061My Bloody Valentine - Feed Me With Your Kiss
Comments:Die-cut company sleeve
CRE 061TMy Bloody Valentine - Feed Me With Your Kiss12"1988
CRE 062Jazz Butcher - Green Sea Blue
Sun Sea Sand
CRE 063Momus - The Hairstyle Of The Devil7"1989
CRE 063TMomus - The Hairstyle Of The Devil12"1989
CRE 064Pacific - Shrift7"1989
CRE 064TPacific - Shrift12"1989
CRE 065TTangerine - Sunburst12"1989
CRE 066TSomething Pretty Beautiful - Freefall12"1989
CRE 067Primal Scream - Ivy Ivy Ivy7"1989
CRE 067TPrimal Scream - Ivy Ivy Ivy12"1989
CRE 068TCounterfeit - The Good Samaritan12"1989
CRE 069TJazz Butcher - New Invention12"1989
CRE 070Primal Scream - Loaded7"1990
CRE 070TPrimal Scream - Loaded12"1990
CRE 071TTimes - Manchester12"1990
CRE 072TRide - Chelsea Girl EP12"1990
CRE 073My Bloody Valentine - Soon
CRE 073TMy Bloody Valentine - Glider EP12"1990
CRE 073XMy Bloody Valentine - Glider EP Remixes
Comments:Remixed by Andy Weatherall
CRE 075TRide - Play EP12"1990
CRE 076Love Corporation - Palatial7"1990
CRE 076TLove Corporation - Palatial12"1990
CRE 077TJazz Butcher - Girl Go12"1990
CRE 078Primal Scream - Come Together7"1990
CRE 078TPrimal Scream - Come Together12"1990
CRE 079TSwervedriver - Son Of Mustang Ford12"1990
CRE 080TSheer Taft - Cascades12"1990
CRE 081Telescopes - Precious Little7"1990
CRE 081TTelescopes - Precious Little12"1990
CRE 082Hypnotone - Dream Beam
Dream Beam
Comments:7'' Edit / Original Mix
CRE 082THypnotone - Dream Beam12"1990
CRE 083TJazz Butcher - We Love You12"1990
CRE 084TPressure Zone - Johannesburg12"1990
CRE 088TSwervedriver - Rave Down12"1990
CRE 090Fluke - Philly7"1990
CRE 090TFluke - Philly12"1990
CRE 091TSound Of Shoom - I Hate Hate12"1990
CRE 092Telescopes - Everso7"1990
CRE 092TTelescopes - Everso12"1990
CRE 093TSlowdive - Slowdive12"1990
CRE 094TAstor, Peter - Walk Into The Wind12"1990
CRE 095TCrazy Eddie & QQ - Nena De Ibiza12"1990
CRE 085TMy Bloody Valentine - Tremelo EP12"1991
CRE 086TLove Corporation - Give Me Some Love12"1991
CRE 087TRide - Fall EP12"1991
CRE 089THypnotone - Hypnotic12"1991
CRE 096Primal Scream - Higher Than The Sun7"1991
CRE 096TPrimal Scream - Higher Than The Sun12"1991
CRE 096XPrimal Scream - Higher Than The Sun (Remix)12"1991
CRE 097TWorld Unite - World Unite12"1991
CRE 098TSlowdive - Morningrise12"1991
CRE 099TAstor, Peter - Chevron12"1991
CRE 100TRide - Today Forever12"1991
CRE 101TMoonshake - First12"1991
CRE 102Swervedriver - Sandblaster7"1991
CRE 102TSwervedriver - Sandblaster12"1991
CRE 103Telescopes - Celeste7"1991
CRE 103TTelescopes - Celeste12"1991
CRE 104Lilac Time - Dreaming7"1991
CRE 104TLilac Time - Dreaming12"1991
CRE 105Teenage Fanclub - Star Sign
Heavy Metal 6
CRE 105LTeenage Fanclub - Star Sign
Like A Virgin
CRE 105TTeenage Fanclub - Star Sign12"1991
CRE 106TBass Bumpers - Can't Stop Dancing12"1991
CRE 107TMC Orchestra - Urgent Power12"1991
CRE 108Telescopes - Flying7"1991
CRE 108TTelescopes - Flying12"1991
CRE 109TSheer Taft - Atlantis12"1991
CRE 110Primal Scream - Don't Fight It, Feel It7"1991
CRE 110TPrimal Scream - Don't Fight It, Feel It12"1991
CRE 110XPrimal Scream - Don't Fight It, Feel It (Remix)12"1991
CRE 111Teenage Fanclub - The Concept7"1991
CRE 111TTeenage Fanclub - The Concept12"1991
CRE 112Slowdive - Holding Our Breath7"1991
CRE 112TSlowdive - Holding Our Breath EP12"1991
CRE 113TSilverfish - Fuckin' Drivin' Or What EP12"1991
CRE 114Times - Lundi Bleu
Lundi Bleu (Instrumental)
CRE 114TTimes - Lundi Bleu
Lundi Bleu
Comments:Grid Mixes x 2 & Bandulu Remix
CRE 115Teenage Fanclub - What You Do To Me7"1992
CRE 115TTeenage Fanclub - What You Do To Me12"1992
CRE 116THollyfaith - Bliss
Birdie / Swing
CRE 117Primal Scream - Dixie-Narco EP7"1992
CRE 117TPrimal Scream - Dixie-Narco EP12"1992
CRE 118TSilverfish - With Scrambled Eggs12"1992
CRE 122Velvet Crush - The Post Greatness EP7"1992
CRE 122TVelvet Crush - The Post Greatness EP12"1992
CRE 123TRide - Leave Them All Behind12"1992
CRE 124TBoo Radleys - Adrenalin EP12"1992
CRE 126TSugar - Changes12"1992
CRE 127Adorable - Sunshine Smile7"1992
CRE 127TAdorable - Sunshine Smile12"1992
CRE 128Boo Radleys - Boo! Forever
Comments:Numbered Ltd Edition
CRE 128TBoo Radleys - Boo! Forever12"1992
CRE 131TBMX Bandits - Serious Drugs12"1992
CRE 132TMedalark 11 - I Call Your Name12"1992
CRE 133Adorable - I'll Be Your Saint7"1992
CRE 133TAdorable - I'll Be Your Saint12"1992
CRE 134TMomus - Spacewalk12"1992
CRE 135TMedicine - Aruca12"1992
CRE 137Boo Radleys - Lazarus7"1992
CRE 137TBoo Radleys - Lazarus12"1992
CRE 140Adorable - Homeboy7"1992
CRE 140TAdorable - Homeboy12"1992
CRE 143Sugar - A Good Idea7"1992
CRE 143TSugar - A Good Idea12"1992
CRE 150TRide - Twisterella12"1992
CRE 119TSlowdive - Outside Your Room EP12"1993
CRE 120Swervedriver - Never Lose That Feeling7"1993
CRE 120TSwervedriver - Never Lose That Feeling12"1993
CRE 130Teenage Fanclub - Radio7"1993
CRE 130TTeenage Fanclub - Radio12"1993
CRE 136Swervedriver - Duel7"1993
CRE 136TSwervedriver - Duel12"1993
CRE 138Silverfish - Damn Fine EP7"1993
CRE 138TSilverfish - Damn Fine EP12"1993
CRE 139TVelvet Crush - Drive Me Down12"1993
CRE 141TMedicine - Come Here To Drink Milk12"1993
CRE 142Teenage Fanclub - Norman 37"1993
CRE 142TTeenage Fanclub - Norman 3
Comments:with cut-out mask poster
CRE 144TMedalark 11 - Smoke12"1993
CRE 147Boo Radleys - I Hang Suspended7"1993
CRE 147TBoo Radleys - I Hang Suspended12"1993
CRE 149TSugar - If I Can't Change Your Mind
Clownmaster / Anyone / Hoover Dam
CRE 152TPoster Children - Clock Street
Everything Burns / Matter Crush / Outside In
CRE 153TAdorable - Sistine Chapel Ceiling12"1993
CRE 154TBMX Bandits - Kylie's Got A Crush On Us12"1993
CRE 156Sugar - Tilted7"1993
CRE 157TSlowdive - 5 EP12"1993
CRE 158Times - Finnegan's Break7"1993
CRE 158TTimes - Finnegan's Break12"1993
CRE 159TAdorable - Favourite Fallen Idol12"1993
CRE 160TDreadzone - The Warning12"1993
CRE 162TTimes - Baby Girl12"1993
CRE 164TDreadzone - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Comments:Not released in UK, issued in US with catalogue no. 477767 6
CRE 168TBMX Bandits - Little Hands12"1993
CRE 169Boo Radleys - Wish I Was Skinny7"1993
CRE 169TBoo Radleys - Wish I Was Skinny12"1993
CRE 129Primal Scream - Rocks7"1994
CRE 129TPrimal Scream - Rocks12"1994
CRE 145Primal Scream - Jailbird7"1994
CRE 145TPrimal Scream - Jailbird12"1994
CRE 146Velvet Crush - Hold Me Up7"1994
CRE 146TVelvet Crush - Hold Me Up12"1994
CRE 14818 Wheeler - Kum Back7"1994
CRE 151TA Certain Ratio - Shack Up12"1994
CRE 155TRide - Birdman12"1994
CRE 161TIdha - Get Undressed12"1994
CRE 166Idha - A Woman In A Man's World7"1994
CRE 172TAdorable - Kangaroo Court12"1994
CRE 174TSwervedriver - Last Train To Satansville12"1994
CRE 176Oasis - Supersonic7"1994
CRE 176TOasis - Supersonic12"1994
CRE 178Boo Radleys - Barney (...And Me)7"1994
CRE 178TBoo Radleys - Barney (...And Me)
Tortoiseshell / Zoom / Cracked Lips Homesick
CRE 180TCramps - Ultra Twist12"1994
CRE 181BMX Bandits - Serious Drugs7"1994
CRE 182Oasis - Shakermaker7"1994
CRE 182TOasis - Shakermaker12"1994
CRE 183Primal Scream - (I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind7"1994
CRE 183XPrimal Scream - (I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind10"1994
CRE 184Ride - How Does It Feel To Feel?7"1994
CRE 184TRide - How Does It Feel To Feel?12"1994
CRE 185Oasis - Live Forever
Comments:Numbered foldover p/s in stickered poly bag
CRE 185TOasis - Live Forever12"1994
CRE 186Sugar - Your Favourite Thing7"1994
CRE 186TSugar - Your Favorite Thing
Mind is an Island / Frustration / And You Tell Me (TV Mix)
CRE 187Boo Radleys - Lazarus (Remixes)7"1994
CRE 187TBoo Radleys - Lazarus (Remixes)12"1994
CRE 18818 Wheeler - The Revealer7"1994
CRE 189TRide - I Don't Know Where It Comes From12"1994
CRE 190Oasis - Cigarettes & Alcohol7"1994
CRE 190TOasis - Cigarettes & Alcohol12"1994
CRE 193Sugar - Believe What You're Saying7"1994
CRE 200Creation - Creation
Comments:Limited Edition in wraparound sleeve
CRE 167Jazz Butcher - Sixteen Years7"1995
CRE 173TRuby - Tiny Meat12"1995
CRE 175Teenage Fanclub - Mellow Doubt7"1995
CRE 179TSwervedriver - Last Day On Earth
Comments:White vinyl
CRE 191TBoo Radleys - Wake Up Boo!12"1995
CRE 192BMX Bandits - Gettin' Dirty7"1995
CRE 195Oasis - Whatever7"1995
CRE 195TOasis - Whatever12"1995
CRE 196Cramps - Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs
Comments:Red vinyl
CRE 197Bell, Edward - If A Man Ever Loved A Woman7"1995
CRE 19818 Wheeler - Boddha7"1995
CRE 201Teenage Fanclub - Sparky's Dream7"1995
CRE 202TBoo Radleys - Find The Answer Within12"1995
CRE 203Heavy Stereo - Sleep Freak
Comments:Red vinyl
CRE 204Oasis - Some Might Say7"1995
CRE 204TOasis - Some Might Say12"1995
CRE 207BMX Bandits - Love Come To Me7"1995
CRE 208Bell, Edward - It's Kinda Lonely Where I Am7"1995
CRE 20918 Wheeler - Steel Guitars7"1995
CRE 212Oasis - Roll With It7"1995
CRE 212TOasis - Roll With It12"1995
CRE 213Heavy Stereo - Smiler
Comments:Purple vinyl
CRE 214Boo Radleys - From The Bench At Belvedere
Comments:Numbered pop up sleeve
CRE 215Oasis - Wonderwall7"1995
CRE 215TOasis - Wonderwall12"1995
CRE 216Teenage Fanclub - Have Lost It7"1995
CTP 165XRuby - Paraffin12"1995
CRE 194TPrimal Scream - The Big Man And The Scream Team Meet The Barmy Army Uptown
Comments:Feat. Irvine Welsh & On-U-Sound System
CRE 199TRide - Black Nite Crash12"1996
CRE 217Crawl - Sourface7"1996
CRE 218Heavy Stereo - Chinese Burn
Comments:Yellow vinyl
CRE 219T18 Wheeler - The Hours and the Times12"1996
CRE 220Boo Radleys - What's In The Box
Comments:Numbered gatefold
CRE 221Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger7"1996
CRE 221TOasis - Don't Look Back In Anger12"1996
CRE 222Super Furry Animals - Hometown Unicorn7"1996
CRE 224TOne True Parker - Bubblegum12"1996
CRE 225Eggman - Not Bad Enough7"1996
CRE 226Diggers - Peace Of Mind7"1996
CRE 205Idha - Sorry Sorry7"1997
CRE 206Mould, Bob - Classifieds7"1998
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