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Crass Records label discography

Anarchist band Crass set up their own label in 1978 after experiencing problems with their first release "The Feeding of the 5000" on Small Wonder Records. A pressing plant in Ireland refused to handle the material due to its extreme political message, and the record was forced to be issued with 2 minutes of silence replacing the offending track "asylum". Crass reissued the EP in complete form and also issued newly-titled "Reality Asylum" as a single. They quickly established themselves as the rallying point for bands with an anarchist message such as Zounds, Flux of Pink Indians and KUKL, who featured a very young Bjork on lead vocals. The records were famous for their covers, all of which were fold-outs with lyrics and images crammed throughout. Amongst other things Crass challenged the church ("Christ - The Album"), the British Government ("How Does It Feel") and the institution of marriage ("Our Wedding") and in the process established a "corporate image" the integrity of which has seldom been equalled.

Bollox2u2LPCrass - Christ - The Album
Released as 2xlp box set with a live album & booklet
CATNO 1LPD & V - D & V1984
CATNO 10COtherCrass - Christ's Reality Asylum
Penny Rimbaud reads the book, on cassette
CATNO 2LPGregory, Jane - After A Dream1984
CATNO 4LPKukl - Holidays In Europe1984
CATNO 5LPCrass - Best Before
Double LP compilation
CATNO 7LPHit Parade - Nick Knack Paddy Whack1986
CATNO 8CDCrass - A Sides Part One, 1979-1982
CD & Cassette only, no vinyl
CATNO 9CDCrass - A Sides Part Two, 1982-1984
CD & Cassette only, no vinyl
1984/1LPKukl - The Eye1984
1984/207370LPHit Parade - Plastic Culture1984
1984/3LPV/A - Bullshit Detector Vol 3
Double LP
1984/4LPRimbaud, Penny - Acts Of Love
With free book of poems
121984/2LPCrass - Yes Sir, I Will1983
221984/3LPV/A - Bullshit Detector Vol 2
Double LP
221984/7LPDirt - Never Mind Dirt, Here's The Bollocks1982
321984/1LPCrass - Penis Envy1981
421984/2LPPoison Girls - Chappaquidick Bridge1980
421984/4LPV/A - Bullshit Detector1980
421984/9LPPoison Girls - Hex1980
521984LPCrass - Stations Of The Crass
Double LP
621984LPCrass - The Feeding Of The 5000
Reissue of original Small Wonder release with ''Reality Asylum'' taking it's rightful place
CATNO 37"Lucky 7 - Take Your Elbows Off The Table (Choral Mix)
Take Your Elbows Off The Table (Orchestral Mix)
Actually Steve Ignorant - unreleased, test pressings only
CATNO 612"Crass - 10 Notes On A Summer's Day1984
CRASS17"Crass - Reality Asylum
Shaved Women
CT17"Crass - Merry Crassmass1981
No number7"Crass - Sheep Farming In The Falklands
Initially released as flexi, later as 121984/3
19847"Crass - You're Already Dead1984
121984/17"D & V - The Nearest Door1983
121984/37"Crass - Sheep Farming In The Falklands
Formerly flexi-disc only
121984/47"Crass - Who Dunnit?
Brown vinyl
In Stock1983
121984/57"MDC - Multi-Death Corporations1983
121984/67"Lack Of Knowledge - GreyIn Stock1983
221984/17"Conflict - The House That Man Built1982
221984/107"Omega Tribe - Angry Songs1982
221984/117"Sleeping Dogs - Beware1982
221984/127"Hit Parade - Bad News1982
221984/27"Rudimentary Peni - Farce1982
221984/47"Cravats - Rub Me Out1982
221984/57"T, Andy - Weary Of The Flesh1982
221984/67"Crass - How Does It Feel?
The Immortal Death / Don't Tell Me You Care
221984/87"Alternative - In Nomine Patri1982
221984/97"Anthrax (UK) - Capitalism Is Cannibalism EP1982
321984/1F7"Crass - Our Wedding
Flexi-disc got with a coupon from ''Loving'' magazine (!)
321984/27"Flux Of Pink Indians - Neu Smell1981
321984/37"Anxiety, Annie - Barbed Wire HaloIn Stock1981
321984/47"Snipers - Three Piece Suite1981
321984/57"Captain Sensible - This Is Your Captain Speaking1981
321984/67"Dirt - Object Refuse Reject Abuse1981
321984/77"Mob - No Doves Fly Here1981
421984/17"Crass / Poison Girls - Bloody Revolutions
Persons Unknown
421984/37"Zounds - Can't Cheat Karma
War / Subvert.Subvert.Subvert.Subvert.
421984/57"Crass - Nagasaki Nightmare
Big A Little A
421984/67"Crass - Rival Tribal Rebel Revel
Flexi-disc free with ''Toxic Grafity'' fanzine (numbered 421984/6F)
421984/77"Poison Girls - Statement
421984/87"Poison Girls - All Systems Go
Dirty Work / Promenade Immortelle
521984/17"Bane, Honey - You Can Be You
Girl On The Run / Porno Grows / Boring Conversation
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