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Sarah records label discography

Sarah Records is one of the most collectable UK independent labels of the 80s. The leading light of the "Twee Pop" scene many of the bands drew heavily on the jangly C86 guitar sound. Functioning from Bristol, the roster included the Field Mice, Orchids and former Factory act The Wake.

401Orchids - Lyceum10"1987
403St Christopher - Bacharach10"1987
404Brighter - Laurel10"1987
406Williams, Harvey - Rebellion10"1987
359V/A - Battery PointLP1988
376V/A - Temple CloudLP1988
405East River Pipe - Goodbye California10"1988
501V/A - Glass ArcadeLP1988
530V/A - Gaol Ferry BridgeLP1988
545V/A - Air Balloon RoadLP1988
583V/A - Fountain IslandLP1988
587V/A - Shadow FactoryLP1988
628V/A - Engine CommonLP1988
402Field Mice - Snowball10"1989
407East River Pipe - Even The Sun Was Afraid10"1989
601Field Mice - SkywritingLP1990
602Wake - Make It LoudLP1990
603Heavenly - Heavenly Vs SatanLP1991
604Talulah Gosh - They've Scoffed The LotLP1991
605Orchids - Unholy SoulLP1991
606Field Mice - CoastalLP1991
607Field Mice - For KeepsLP1991
608Sweetest Ache - JaguarLP1991
609Sea Urchins - StardustLP1992
610Heavenly - Le Jardin De HeavenlyLP1993
611Orchids - EpicureanLP1993
612Blueboy - If Wishes Were HorsesLP1993
613Another Sunny Day - London weekendLP1993
614Even As We Speak - Feral Pop FrenzyLP1993
615Secret Shine - UntouchedLP1993
616Harvest Ministers - Little Dark MansionLP1993
100V/A - There And Back Again Lane
Comments:CD only compilation
617Orchids - Striving For The Lazy PerfectionLP1994
618Wake - Tidal Wave Of HypeLP1994
619Sugargliders - We're All Trying To Get ThereLP1994
620Blueboy - UnisexLP1994
621East River Pipe - Poor FrickyLP1994
622Hit Parade - The Sound Of The Hit ParadeLP1994
623Heavenly - The Decline And Fall Of HeavenlyLP1994
1Sea Urchins - Pristine Christine7"1985
10Springfields - Sunflower7"1985
12Field Mice - Emma's House7"1986
13Christine's Cat - Your Love Is7"1986
15St Christopher - You Deserve More Than A Maybe7"1986
16Another Sunny Day - What's Happened7"1986
17Golden Dawn - George Hamilton's Dead7"1986
18Field Mice - Sensitive7"1986
19Brighter - Around The World In Eighty Days7"1986
20St Christopher - All Of A Tremble7"1986
21Wake - Crush The Flowers7"1986
22Another Sunny Day - You Should All Be Murdered7"1986
3Another Sunny Day - Anorak City
514 Iced Bears - Come Get Me7"1986
6Poppyheads - Cremation Town7"1986
7Another Sunny Day - I'm In Love With A Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist7"1986
8Sea Urchins - Solace7"1986
9Golden Dawn - My Secret World7"1986
24Field Mice - The Autumn Store part 17"1987
25Field Mice - The Autumn Store part 27"1987
26Gentle Despite - Darkest Blue7"1987
27Brighter - Noah's Ark7"1987
28Action Painting! - These Things Happen7"1987
30Heavenly - I Fell In Love Last Night7"1987
31Eternal - breathe7"1987
33Sea Urchins - A Morning Odyssey7"1987
11Orchids - Underneath The Window, Underneath The Sink7"1988
2Orchids - I've Got A Habit7"1988
34St Christopher - Antoinette7"1988
35Another Sunny Day - Rio7"1988
36Sweetest Ache - If I Could Shine7"1988
37Even As We Speak - Nothing Ever Happens7"1988
38Field Mice - So Said Kay10"1988
39Sweetest Ache - Tell Me How It Feels7"1988
40Springfields - Wonder7"1988
41Heavenly - Our Love Is Heavenly7"1988
43Tramway - Maritime City7"1988
44Field Mice - September's Not So Far Away7"1988
45Gentle Despite - Torment To Me7"1988
46St Christopher - Say Yes To Everything7"1988
47Sweetest Ache - Sickening7"1988
23Orchids - What Will We Do Next7"1989
49Even As We Speak - One Step Forward7"1989
51Heavenly - So Little Deserve7"1989
52Tramway - Sweet Chariot7"1989
53Secret Shine - After Years7"1989
54Forever People - Invisible7"1989
55Blueboy - Clearer7"1989
56Brighter - Half-hearted7"1989
57Field Mice - Missing The Moon12"1989
58Hit Parade - In Gunnersbury Park7"1989
59Even As We Speak - Beautiful Day7"1989
60Another Sunny Day - New Year's Honours7"1989
29Orchids - Something For The Longing7"1990
61Secret Shine - Ephemeral7"1990
62Rosaries - Forever (Or Leaving?)7"1990
63Sugargliders - Letter From A Lifeboat7"1990
64Harvest Ministers - You Do My World A World Of Good7"1990
65Blueboy - Popkiss7"1990
67Sugargliders - Seventeen7"1990
68Harvest Ministers - Six O'Clock Is Rosary7"1990
69Brighter - Disney7"1990
70Blueboy - Cloud Babies
Comments:With 3 Fanzines
72Sugargliders - Ahprahran7"1990
73Action Painting! - Classical Music7"1990
74Blueboy - Meet Johnny Rave7"1990
75East River Pipe - Helmet On7"1990
76Boyracer - B Is For Boyracer7"1990
77Sugargliders - Trumpet Play7"1990
78East River Pipe - She's A Real Good Time7"1990
79Even As We Speak - Blue Eyes Deceiving Me7"1990
80Blueboy - Some Gorgeous Accident7"1990
81Heavenly - P.U.N.K. Girl7"1990
82Heavenly - Atta Girl7"1990
83Sugargliders - Will We Ever Learn7"1990
84Harvest Ministers - If It Kills Me And It Will7"1990
85Boyracer - From Purity To Purgatory7"1990
86Sugargliders - Top 40 Sculpture7"1990
87Action Painting! - Mustard Gas7"1990
88Blueboy - River7"1990
42Orchids - Penetration EP12"1991
71Secret Shine - Loveblind7"1991
89Secret Shine - Greater Than God7"1991
90Hit Parade - Autobiography7"1991
91Ivy - Wish You Would7"1991
92Ivy - Avenge7"1991
93Aberdeen - Byron7"1991
94Northern Picture Library - Paris7"1991
95Northern Picture Library - Last September's Farewell Kiss7"1991
96Boyracer - Pure Hatred '967"1991
97Aberdeen - Fireworks7"1991
98Shelley - Reproduction Is Pollution7"1991
99Blueboy - Dirty Mags7"1991
66Orchids - Thaumaturgy7"1992
14Sarah Records - Lemonade / Cold - A Lie
4Sarah Records - Untitled...
32Sarah Records - Sunstroke
50Sarah Records - Saropoly
Comments:Board Game
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