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NRG Records label discography

The NRG record label was based in Dundee, Scotland, and released it's first record in 1977. Up until now we have only been able to find information on the three releases below, all of which are rare and very collectable punk singles. Obviously they were on the scene pretty early in provincial punk terms and as such it is surprising they never received more publicity. If anyone has any info on other releases please get in touch.

RE 46Drive - Jerkin'
Push 'N' Shove
Comments:No p/s issued
SRTS/NRG-1Alternators - No Answers
Kid Don't Know
Comments:No official p/s, some fan-produced sleeves around
NRG-2Visitors - Take It Or Leave It
No Compromise
Comments:Very rare, NOT the same Visitors as the band from Edinburgh who did ''Electric Heat''
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