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Island Records label discography (pink label LPs)

Island Records is the largest independant record label in the history of recorded music. Started in Jamaica in 1959 by Chris Blackwell and Graeme Goodall, it initially specialized in reggae but after they moved to the UK in the early 60s the releases became more and more diverse, with various subsiduaries being set up such as Black Swan and Sue. The Island label itself moved more towards a progressive and folk based catalogue in the late 60s, and the LPs listed below appeared with one of three varieties of the famous pink label. The earliest had an orange and black "eye" logo on a pink background. A short mid-period (starting at 9100) featured a black letter "i" as a logo, and the last stage (9107 on) a white letter "i". Nearly all these titles are collectable with some items (such as the Nick Drake) fetching very high prices indeed. "ILP" releases are mono only unless stated, "ILPS" stereo only.

ILP 952Martyn, John - London ConversationsLP1967
ILP 953Small, Millie - The Best Of...LP1967
ILP 955V/A - Derrick Harriott's Rock Steady PartyLP1967
ILP 957Lewis, Hopeton - Take It EasyLP1967
ILP 958V/A - Duke Reid's Rock SteadyLP1967
ILP 959Nirvana (UK) - The Story Of Simon Simopath
Comments:Also stereo ILPS 9059
ILP 960Edwards, Jackie - Premature Golden Sands
Comments:Also stereo ILPS 9060
ILP 961Traffic - Mr Fantasy
Comments:Also stereo ILPS 9061
ILP 962Cliff, Jimmy - Hard Road To Travel
Comments:Also stereo ILPS 9062
ILP 963Edwards, Jackie & Millie Small - The Best Of...Volume 2LP1967
ILP 964V/A - Club SoulLP1967
ILP 965V/A - Club Rock SteadyLP1967
ILP 966V/A - British Blue-Eyed Soul
Comments:Also stereo ILPS 9066
ILP 967Art - SupernaturalLP1967
ILP 968Bond, Joyce - Soul And SkaLP1967
ILP 969Taitt, Lyn & The Jets - Sounds RocksteadyLP1967
ILP 970Davis, Spencer - The Best Of...
Comments:Also stereo ILPS 9070
ILP 971Williams, Granville - Hi-LifeLP1967
ILP 972Burke, Sonny - The Sounds Of...LP1967
ILP 974Bland, Bobby - A Touch Of The BluesLP1967
ILP 975Wright, OV - 8 Men, 4 WomenLP1967
ILP 976V/A - The Duke And The PeacockLP1967
ILP 977V/A - Guy Steven's Testament Of Rock And RollLP1967
ILP 978V/A - Put It On, It's Rock SteadyLP1967
ILP 979Spontaneous Music Ensemble - Karyobin...Are The Imaginary Birds Said To Live In Paradise
Comments:Also stereo ILPS 9079
ILP 980Spooky Tooth - It's All About
Comments:Also stereo ILPS 9080
ILP 982Frog, Wynder K - Out Of The Frying Pan
Comments:Also stereo ILPS 9082
ILP 983Harriott, Derrick - The Best Of Derrick Harriott & The Chrystalites Vol 2LP1968
ILP 984Merrymen - Caribbean Treasure ChestLP1968
ILP 985Jethro Tull - This Was
Comments:Also stereo ILPS 9085
ILP 986V/A - Leaping With Mr LeeLP1968
ILPS 9081Traffic - TrafficLP1968
ILPS 9087Nirvana (UK) - All Of UsLP1968
ILPS 9088Tramline - Somewhere Down The LineLP1968
ILP 990Morgan, Derrick - Derrick Morgan And FriendsLP1969
ILPS 9089Free - Tons Of SobsLP1969
ILPS 9091Martyn, John - The TumblerLP1969
ILPS 9092Fairport Convention - What We Did On Our HolidaysLP1969
ILPS 9093V/A - The Unfolding Of The Book Of Life Vol 1LP1969
ILPS 9094V/A - The Unfolding Of The Book Of Life Vol 2LP1969
ILPS 9095Tramline - Moves Of Vegetable CenturiesLP1969
ILPS 9096Bama Winds - WindyLP1969
ILPS 9097Traffic - Last ExitLP1969
ILPS 9098Spooky Tooth - Spooky TwoLP1969
ILPS 9099White Noise - An Electric StormLP1969
ILPS 9100Clouds - ScrapbookLP1969
ILPS 9101Blodwyn Pig - Ahead Rings OutLP1969
ILPS 9102Fairport Convention - UnhalfbrickingLP1969
ILPS 9103Jethro Tull - Stand UpLP1969
ILPS 9104Free - FreeLP1969
ILPS 9105Drake, Nick - Five Leaves LeftLP1969
ILPS 9106Doctor Strangely Strange - Kip Of The SerenesLP1969
ILPS 9107Spooky Tooth - Ceremony
Comments:With Pierre Henry
ILPS 9108Mott The Hoople - Mott The HoopleLP1969
ILPS 9110Quintessence - In Blissful CompanyLP1969
ILPS 9111King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson KingLP1969
ILPS 9112Traffic - The Best Of TrafficLP1969
ILPS 9114Renaissance - RenaissanceLP1969
ILPS 9115Fairport Convention - Liege & LiefLP1969
IWP 3V/A - This Is Sue!LP1969
IWP 4Edwards, Jackie - Put Your Tears Away
Comments:Also stereo IWPS 4
IWP 5V/A - This Is BluesLP1969
IWPS 2V/A - You Can All Join InLP1969
IWPS 6V/A - Nice Enough To EatLP1969
IDP 1V/A - Bumpers
Comments:Double LP
ILPS 9113Martyn, John & Beverley - StormbringerLP1970
ILPS 9116Traffic - John Barleycorn Must DieLP1970
ILPS 9117Spooky Tooth - The Last PuffLP1970
ILPS 9118Stevens, Cat - Mona Bone JakonLP1970
ILPS 9119Mott The Hoople - Mad ShadowLP1970
ILPS 9120Free - Fire And WaterLP1970
ILPS 9122Blodwyn Pig - Getting To ThisLP1970
ILPS 9123Jethro Tull - BenefitLP1970
ILPS 9124Bronco - Country HomeLP1970
ILPS 9125Fotheringay - FotheringayLP1970
ILPS 9126McDonald & Giles - McDonald & GilesLP1970
ILPS 9127King Crimson - In The Wake Of PoseidonLP1970
ILPS 9128Quintessence - Open Up To YouLP1970
ILPS 9129If - IfLP1970
ILPS 9130Fairport Convention - Full HouseLP1970
ILPS 9131Bown, Alan - Listen
Comments:Suspected to be on pink, but never seen
ILPS 9132Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Emerson, Lake & PalmerLP1970
ILPS 9133Martyn, John & Beverley - The Road To RuinLP1970
ILPS 9134Drake, Nick - Bryter Layter
Comments:Issued same day as other pink labels, but never thought not to exist. Be worth a few quid if you found one
ILPS 9135Stevens, Cat - Tea For the TillermanLP1970
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