Fast Product Records label discography

Fast Product was an Edinburgh-based independant label started in late 1977 by Bob Last. Whilst it was easy at the time to find second-division punk bands keen to make records, the label distinguished itself by discovering previously unknown acts who were making much more interesting music, usually with a left-field political slant. Primary amongst these influential and diverse talents were The Human League and The Gang Of Four, both of whom released their first records on the label. Last also gave Californian scene-leaders the Dead Kennedys their first UK release, and included Joy Division on one of his compilations, Earcom 2. In later years he established the "Pop Aural" label, which included the Fire Engines on its roster.

FAST 11LPV/A - The First Year Plan
Compilation of single releases, licensed to EMI, so also has cat no EMC 3312
FAST 17"Mekons - Never Been In A Riot
32 Weeks / Heart & Soul
FAST 27"2.3 - Where To Now?
All Time Low
FAST 47"Human League - Being Boiled
Circus Of Death
In Stock1978
FAST 57"Gang Of Four - Damaged Goods
Love Like Anthrax / Armalite Rifle
In Stock1978
FAST 77"Mekons - Where Were You?
I'll Have To Dance Then (On My Own)
In Stock1979
FAST 87"Scars - Adult/ery
FAST 1012"Human League - The Dignity Of Labour
Some with free flexi-disc
FAST 127"Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles
Man With The Dogs
FAST 9a12"V/A - Earcom 1
The Prats, Flowers, Blank Students & including pink flexi of Jo Callis
FAST 9b12"V/A inc Joy Division - Earcom 2
Famously with 2 Joy Division tracks, plus Thursdays & Bascax
FAST 9c7"V/A - Earcom 3
Double 7'' pack inc most notably DAF
FAST 3OtherFast Product - The Quality Of Life No.1
Zine issued March 1978
FAST 6OtherFast Product - The Quality Of Life No.2
Zine issued April 1979
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