John Peel Festive Fifty 2002

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The John Peel Festive Fifty listing for the year 2002.

The "FM" column in the list below shows the format the tracks can be collected in. Our preference is always to display the 7" if that version is available, with a 12" single as a second choice. "LP" will appear if the track is LP only. Click any band name to see our full stock list by that artist, or the "In Stock" button to view that specific item.

1Saloon - Girls Are The New Boys7"
2Cinerama - Quick, Before It MeltsLPOn Album: Torino
3Miss Black America - Talk Hard7"
4Nina Nastasia - Ugly FaceLPOn Album: The Blackened Air
5Antihero - Rolling Stones T-Shirt-CD only!
6Mass - Hey Gravity7"
7Laura Cantrell - Too Late For TonightLPOn Album: When The Roses Bloom Again
8Pinhole - So Over You-CD only!
9Marc Smith Vs Safe & Sound - Identify The Beat12"
10Ballboy - All The Records On The Radio Are Shite7"In Stock
11Miss Black America - Miss Black America7"
12Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Bang12"Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP
13Cinerama - CarelessLPOn Album: Torino
14Half Man Half Biscuit - The Light At The End Of The Tunnel-CD only!
15White Stripes - Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground7"
16Low - In The DrugsLPOn Album: Trust
17Asa-Chang & Junray - Hana12"
18Low - Canada7"
19Coin-Op - Democracies7"
20Belle & Sebastian - You Don't Send MeLPOn Album: Dear Catastrophe Waitress
21Datsuns - In Love7"
22Fall - Susan v Youthclub7"
23Jeffrey Lewis - The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song7"
24Ballboy - Where Do The Nights Of Sleep Go (When They Do Not Come To Me)-CD only!
25Cornershop - Staging7"
26Saloon - Have You Seen The Light?7"
27White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl7"
28Cranebuilders - You’re Song7"
29Delgados - Mr Blue Sky-CD only!
30Bearsuit - Drinkink7"
31Ladytron - Seventeen12"
32Boom Bip & Dose One - Mannequin Hand Trapdoor I Reminder12"
33Von Bondies - It Came From Japan7"
34Wire - 99.9-CD only!
35Mclusky - Alan Is A Cowboy Killer7"
36Low - (That’s How You Sing) Amazing GraceLPOn Album: Trust
37Antihero - You Got Nothing-CD only!
38Half Man Half Biscuit - Breaking News-CD only!
39Cinerama - Cat Girl TightsLPOn Album: Torino
40Mclusky - To Hell With Good Intentions7"
41Burning Love Jumpsuit - Cheerleader-CD only!
42Interpol - Obstacle 17"In Stock
43Melys - So Good-CD only!
44Delgados - Coming In From The Cold7"
45Miss Black America - Infinite Chinese Box7"
46Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Celebrate Your Mother7"
47D4 - Get Loose7"In Stock
48Mum - Green Grass Of Tunnel7"
49Aphrodisiacs - This Is A Campaign-CD only!
50Dawn Parade - The Hole In My Heart-CD only!
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