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The US Punk and Indie covers all acts from North America in the punk, new wave, indie, hardcore and grunge genres. From originators like The Stooges and MC5 through the Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Sonic Youth, Pixies and Nirvana, to current-day acts like The White Stripes.

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Format Artist Title Condition Price Code
7" B 52's Give Me Back My Man Vg+/Ex £2.60 LG Details
7" B 52's Give Me Back My Man (Party Mix) Ex-/Ex £2.60 RS Details
7" B 52's Good Stuff Ex/Ex £2.50 RS Details
7" B 52's Tell It Like It T-I- Is Ex/Ex- £2.50 RS Details
12" B 52's Wig 2 versions available
7" B Girls Fun At The Beach M- £6.75 EC Details
7" Babe the Blue Ox Chicken Head Bone Sucker VG+/Ex £2.50 RS Details
LP Babes in Toyland Fontanelle M-/Ex+ £15.75 MC Details
LP Babes In Toyland Spanking Machine Ex/Ex £20.00 RY Details
LP Bablicon A Flat Inside A Fog / The Cat That Was A Dog Vg+/Ex- £5.20 LH Details
7" Baby Lemonade Local Drags Ex-/Vg+ £2.60 LH Details
10" Baby Lemonade The Wonderful EP Vg+/M £5.00 LH Details
7" Backwash Bedroom Dying Ex/Ex £2.60 RS Details
7" Bad Dream House Savannah M/M £2.60 RS Details
7" Bad Livers Lust For Life Ex-/M £5.40 LH Details
12" Bad Livers The Golden Years M-/M- £3.40 ZY Details
7" Bad Trip Elevator Ex+/M- £2.60 EC Details
LP Bad Trip Fear And Loathing Ex/Ex £5.15 RS Details
LP BALL Bird Ex-/Ex- £5.15 LH Details
LP BALL Four, Hardball Ex+/Ex £5.20 LH Details
CDS Banhart, Devendra At The Hop M/M £2.10 LC Details
7" Banhart, Devendra Heard Somebody Say M-/M- £2.60 LG Details
7" Bardo Pond Trip Fuck Ex-/M £3.85 LH Details
7" Barr The Song Is The Single Ex+ £2.60 LH Details
7" Bastards Loser / Frank M/Ex- £2.60 LH Details
LP Bastro Rode Hard And Put Up Wet M-/Ex+ £5.15 MC Details
7" Bastro Shoot Me A Deer 2 versions available
7" Bastro / Codeine A L'Ombre De Nous / Produkt Ex-/Ex £6.00 LH Details
7" Bastro / My Dead Is Dead Nothing Special / Flesh Colored House M-/Ex+ £3.85 LG Details
LP Bators, Stiv Disconnected Ex+/Ex+ £16.50 ZY Details
12" Battles Tonto + Ex-/M £3.85 LH Details
LP Be Gulls By The Beach Ex-/M £5.20 LH Details
7" Be Your Own Pet Adventure M-/M- £2.60 LG Details
7" Be Your Own Pet Adventure / OUCH (Demo) M-/Ex+ £2.50 ZZ Details
7" Be Your Own Pet Adventure / We Will Vacation, You Can Be My Parasol (Demo) M-/M- £2.50 ZZ Details
7" Be Your Own Pet Damn Damn Leash Ex-/M- £2.60 LH Details
7" Be Your Own Pet Extra Extra Ex-/Ex- £2.60 LH Details
7" Be Your Own Pet Fire Department 2 versions available
7" Be Your Own Pet Let's Get Sandy (Big Problem) 2 versions available
7" Beat Happening Nancy Sin M- £2.60 MC Details
LP Beat Happening You Turn Me On Ex/Ex £50.00 RY Details
LP Beatnigs The Beatnigs Vg-/Ex- £5.00 LG Details
CD Beautiful People Ltd Introducing Beautiful People Ltd M-/M £3.85 ZB Details
7" Beauty Shop A Desperate Cry For Help Ex/M £2.60 LC Details
LP Beauvoir, Jean Drums Along The Mohawk Ex-/Vg+ £5.00 LH Details
CDS Beck Clock Ex/M £2.10 LC Details
CDS Beck Deadweight Ex-/M- £2.10 ZD Details
CDS Beck Devils Haircut M/Ex £2.10 ZD Details
CDS Beck Loser 2 versions available
CDS Beck Lost Cause M/M £2.10 LC Details
CDS Beck Mixed Bizness 3 versions available
CDS Beck Nicotine & Gravy M/M £2.10 LC Details
CDS Beck Sea Change M/M £2.10 LC Details
CDS Beck Sexxlaws M/M £2.10 LC Details
CDS Beck The Information M/M £2.10 LC Details
CDS Beck Tropicalia Ex/M £2.10 RS Details
12" Beck Where It's At M-/M- £10.00 EC Details
CDS Beck Where It's At M/M £2.10 LC Details
7" Becky & John I'll Be There If You Ever Want M-/Ex £2.60 LH Details
7" Beefcake In Chains Vice Amply Rewarded EP Ex+/Ex+ £2.60 LG Details
LP Beets Stay Home Ex-/Ex £5.15 LH Details
7" Beirut Slump Try Me / Staircase Ex/M £10.75 CR Details
7" Belles Never Said Anything M-/M- £2.60 LG Details
7" Belles Omerta M-/M- £2.60 LG Details
7" Bellrays Fire On The Moon M-/M- £2.60 LG Details
CDS Bellrays Fire On The Moon Ex/M £2.10 LC Details
CDS Bellrays They Glued Your Head On Upside Down M/M- £2.10 ZD Details
12" Belltower Exploration Day EP Ex-/Ex £2.10 RS Details
12" Belltower Flight Ex/Ex £2.10 RS Details
7" Belltower Lost In Hollow Ex/M- £2.60 LG Details
7" Belly Now They'l Sleep M-/M- £2.50 EC Details
LP Belly Star Ex+/M- £22.00 LG Details
CDS Ben Folds Five Battle Of Who Could Care Less Ex/Ex £2.10 LC Details
7" Benson, Brendan Cold Hands (Warm Heart) M-/M- £2.60 ZZ Details
CDS Benson, Brendan Good To Me M/M £2.10 ZD Details
CDS Benson, Brendan Lapalco Ex/M £2.10 ZD Details
CDS Benson, Brendan Metarie M/M £2.10 ZD Details
7" Benson, Brendan What I'm Looking For (Michael Brauer Mix) M-/Ex £2.60 RZ Details
7" Best Fwends Skate Or Live M-/M- £2.60 ZZ Details
12" Bettie Serveert Palomine Ex/Ex £2.10 MC Details
CDS Bettie Serveert Smack M/M- £2.10 LC Details
12" Bewitched Chocolate Frenzy M/M £2.10 ZB Details
LP Big Chief Platinum Jive (Greatest Hits 1969-1999) Ex+/Ex £5.80 ZY Details
12" Big Dipper All Going Out Together Ex/Ex £2.10 RS Details
7" Big Dipper Joke Outfit M/Ex £2.60 LH Details
7" Big Dipper / Droogs Jet / Weathered & Torn Ex £2.60 RU Details
12" Big Stick 4512" EP M/Ex- £2.10 ZB Details
LP Big Stick Crack 'n' Drag M/M £5.20 ZB Details
12" Big Stick Crack Attack 2 versions available
7" Billy Talent Red Flag M £3.90 LH Details
7" Bingenheimer, Rodney & The Brunettes Little G.T.O. M-/M- £4.65 EC Details
LP Bird Names Sings The Browns Vg+/Ex- £8.00 LH Details
7" Birds Let's Do The Velvets - The VU Vg+/M- £2.60 LH Details
LP Birds Of Maya Vol 1 Vg+/Ex- £9.55 LH Details
LP Bishop, Sir Richard Polytheistic Fragments Ex-/M £6.15 LH Details
LP Bitch Magnet Umber Ex+/Ex+ £10.00 LG Details
7" Black Acid F.U.R. M/Ex £2.60 LC Details
LP Black Bananas Rad Times Xpress IV Ex/Ex- £5.60 LH Details
LP Black Belles The Black Belles Vg+/Ex- £5.15 LH Details
7" Black Francis Threshold Apprehension M-/M- £2.60 ZZ Details