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A branch of Punk Rock, UK Punk really took off in Britain amongst the disenfranchised working class in the 70s.

You can find old school style British punk bands, like the Sex Pistols and the Damned in our UK Punk section. We also stock a range of vinyl from UK Punk acts from the 80s with the Oi and anarchist style punk bands such as the UK Subs and Crass.

Other popular bands in this section include the Buzzcocks and the Clash.

Our UK Punk section also contains certain European Punk acts such as Plastic Bertrand, Die Toten etc.

Please note that solo artists are listed under their surname, ie: Cornwell, Hugh.

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Format Artist Title Condition Price Code
7" Accident On The East Lancs The Back End Of Nowhere / Rat Race Ex-/Ex £36.50 RS Details
7" Albertos YLTP Juan Lopez (The Lonely Goatherd) Ex- £2.60 LH Details
7" Alienation Terror In The Ant Hill! Ex-/Ex- £3.00 LH Details
LP Alternative TV Strange Kicks Vg+/Ex+ £5.20 LG Details
LP Alternative TV Vibing Up The Senile Man (Part One) Vg+/Ex+ £5.20 LG Details
7" Andy T Weary Of The Flesh Ex/M- £17.00 ZS Details
7" Angelic Upstarts Grosse Freiheit 36 Ex £15.00 LH Details
7" Angelic Upstarts Never 'Ad Nothin' Ex-/Vg+ £2.50 RS Details
7" Angelic Upstarts Teenage Warning Ex £2.50 CA Details
7" Angelic Upstarts We Gotta Get Out Of This Place Ex-/Ex £25.50 MC Details
7" Annalise & Gunmoll Look At You, Superhero / 16 Bottles Empty Ex+/M- £2.60 LG Details
7" Anthrax / Pedagree Skum / Dog Shite / Slug Dirty Bomb + 3 Ex-/Ex- £6.00 LH Details
7" Anxiety, Annie Barbed Wire Halo Ex/Ex £13.75 ZS Details
LP Armed Relapse Industrial Filth M-/M- £6.35 LG Details
7" Armitage Shanks Are Friends Electric Ex- £2.60 RS Details
7" Astream / Annalise On Behalf Of The Human Race / Johnny's Not Mad Ex+/Ex+ £2.60 LG Details
7" Astronauts Typically English Day M-/M £4.00 LH Details
7" Athletico Spizz 80 Central Park Ex-/Ex £2.60 LG Details
7" Athletico Spizz 80 Hot Deserts Ex-/Ex- £2.60 RS Details
10" Attentat Sonore Social Headache M-/M- £4.80 LG Details
7" Autonomists / FDK Waking Up / My Feeble Voice Ex+/Ex+ £2.60 LG Details
7" Bailey, Chris Marie Antoinette Ex+/Ex+ £6.95 RU Details
LP Balzac Out Of The Light Of The 13 Dark Night Ex+/Ex+ £5.40 ZY Details
7" Banned Him Or Me Ex-/Ex- £2.60 RS Details
7" Banned Little Girl 3 versions available
7" Barrie, Fran Stole All My Love Ex/Ex £2.60 RU Details
12" BB's Horror Movies Ex-/Ex £2.10 LH Details
7" Benny / Baby Little Tablets Benny / Baby Little Tablets Ex/Ex+ £2.60 LG Details
7" Blast Furnace South Of The River M-/Ex+ £2.60 LG Details
7" Blood Uncles Beathag Ex-/Ex £2.60 RS Details
7" Blood Uncles Crash Ex-/Ex- £2.50 RS Details
7" Blood Uncles Let's Go Crazy M-/M- £2.50 MC Details
LP Bollock Brothers 77-'78-'79 Ex/Ex- £5.15 RS Details
7" Bollock Brothers Drac's Back Ex/Ex- £2.60 RS Details
LP Bollock Brothers In Private in Public Ex-/Ex £5.20 RS Details
12" Bollock Brothers The Slow Removal Ex/M- £2.10 MC Details
12" Bollock Brothers The Slow Removal Of Vincent Van Gogh's Left Ear Ex/Ex- £2.10 RS Details
7" Born BC The Power and the Privelige EP Ex-/Ex- £3.10 RS Details
12" Brainbox Sleaze EP Ex/Ex £2.10 RS Details
7" Braindance The Blind Lead The Blind Ex+/Ex+ £2.60 LG Details
7" Brandon, Kirk (10:51) Children Of The Damned Ex-/M- £2.60 LH Details
7" Bratz The Bratz Are Coming Vg+/Ex £6.35 LH Details
12" Brilliant Colours Ex £2.10 EC Details
12" Brilliant It's A Man's Man's Man's World 2 versions available
7" Brilliant It's A Man's Man's Man's World M-/Ex £2.60 ZZ Details
LP Brilliant Kiss The Lips Of Life Ex-/Ex £5.10 LG Details
7" Brilliant Love is War Ex-/Ex- £2.60 RS Details
7" Brilliant Somebody Ex-/Ex £2.50 RS Details
7" Brilliant That's What Good Friends Are For 2 versions available
12" Brilliant Wait For It-Megacity Mix Ex-/Ex- £2.10 RS Details
7" Bronx, Jet & the Forbidden Ain't Doin' Nothin' Ex-/Ex £2.60 LH Details
LP Business Saturday's Heroes M-/M £7.40 ZY Details
NewLP Buzzcocks Another Music In A Different Kitchen Ex+/Ex- £18.00 MC Details
LP Buzzcocks Love Bites Ex-/Ex £18.00 LG Details
7" Buzzcocks Love You More Ex- £3.00 LG Details
New7" Buzzcocks Promises 3 versions available
LP Buzzcocks Trade Test Transmissions Ex/Ex- £45.00 XF Details