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Format Artist Title Condition Price Code
7" Boucher, Judy You Caught My Eye 4 versions available
LP Bovell, Denis Tactics M-/M- £6.35 ZX Details
7" Bragg, Johnny They're Talking About Me Vg+ £7.95 LG Details
7" Brashana O Ital Yude Vg+ £12.25 LG Details
7" Brigadier Jerry Invasion S.A. Vg+ £2.60 LG Details
7" Brisco, Gwen They Let Mandela Go Ex+/Ex+ £2.60 EC Details
7" Brisco, Lloyd Fabulous Eyes Ex+ £25.00 XE Details
7" Brooks, Baba One Eyed Giant Ex £35.00 XE Details
7" Brown, Al + Skin Flesh & Bones Inc Here I Am Baby, Come And Take Me Vg £2.60 LG Details
12" Brown, Bobby / Merlene Webber I Won't Cry / Once You Hit the Road Ex- £5.40 ZY Details
12" Brown, Clive Lorraine Ex+/Ex+ £2.80 EC Details
7" Brown, Dennis Abajohi Ex- £2.60 LG Details
7" Brown, Dennis It's Too Late Ex £19.50 MC Details
12" Brown, Dennis Oh Girl Ex- £3.20 ZY Details
12" Brown, Dennis Praise Without Raise (Counterfeit) Ex £15.00 ZY Details
LP Brown, Dennis Visions Of Dennis Brown Ex+/Ex £15.25 MC Details
7" Brown, Jackie Send Me The Pillow (That You Dream On) Ex £2.60 LC Details
7" Brown, James Don't Say Vg+ £15.00 XE Details
7" Brown, U This Sound Is Ranking Vg £7.95 LG Details
12" Browne, Tom Fungi Mama Ex £2.10 MC Details
LP Burning Flames Klatye Ex-/Ex+ £5.00 LG Details
7" Burning Spear Give me Ex £18.00 XE Details
12" Burning Spear Marcus Garvey Ex-/Ex £21.00 ZX Details
7" Burning Spear Slavery Days Vg+ £8.00 XE Details
7" Burrell, Roland A Love You Girl Ex+ £5.60 MC Details
7" Burrell, Roland Hey Mama Ex- £4.20 MC Details
7" Burrell, Roland Love Taking Over Vg+ £2.80 MC Details