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Format Artist Title Condition Price Code
12" Aces Got To Get Some Money Ex-/Ex £2.10 LH Details
7" Adu Working For The Government Vg+/Ex £2.50 RS Details
LP African Head Charge Songs Of Praise Ex+/Ex+ £38.00 XD Details
7" Aggrovators The Scorpion Vg+ £2.60 LG Details
7" Aitken, Laurel More Whisky Ex £28.00 XE Details
7" Al Capone, Denis El Paso Ex+ £7.55 MC Details
12" Alpha / Papa T & Curley Have Some Fun / Musical Career Vg+ £5.60 ZY Details
7" Alphonso, Roland Crime Wave Ex+ £40.00 XE Details
7" Althia Down Town Thing Ex- £25.00 XE Details
7" Alton & Eddy Muriel Ex £15.00 XE Details
12" Alton, Roy Diane Vg+ £2.80 LG Details
LP Alton, Roy Mas In The Grove Vg- £4.00 LG Details
7" Alton, Roy What A Marriage Ex £3.70 MC Details
7" Andy, Bob Feeling Soul Gd+ £2.60 LG Details
LP Andy, Horace In The Light Dub Ex- £85.00 XE Details
7" Andy, Horace Lonely Woman Ex £20.00 MC Details
7" Andy, Horace Nice And Easy Ex+ £18.25 MC Details
7" Andy, Horace (as H Handy) Feel Good Ex £7.00 XE Details
CDS Apache Indian Real People (Radio Edit) M-/M- £2.10 EC Details
10" Armagideon Open The Gates Ex £4.95 ZX Details
12" Arrow Arrow Megamix / Hot Hot Hot Ex+/M- £4.80 EC Details
7" Arrow Long Time M-/M- £2.50 EC Details
LP Arrow Soca-Rocka Ex/Ex- £5.20 EC Details
12" Aswad Beauty's Only Skin Deep Ex-/Ex £2.10 RS Details
CDS Aswad Beauty's Only Skin Deep M-/M £2.10 RS Details
12" Aswad Beauty's Only Skin Deep (12" Mix) Ex+/Ex+ £2.90 EC Details
New12" Aswad Beauty's Only Skin Deep (Skindeep Remix) Ex+/Ex+ £4.00 EC Details
12" Aswad Bubbling Ex-/Ex+ £2.10 LG Details
7" Aswad Bubbling Ex+ £2.50 EC Details
New7" Aswad Chasing for the Breeze 2 versions available
7" Aswad Dancehall Mood M-/M- £2.50 EC Details
New7" Aswad Don't Turn Around 2 versions available
12" Aswad Give A Little Love Ex+/Ex+ £2.00 EC Details
New7" Aswad Give A Little Love Ex+/Ex+ £2.50 EC Details
New7" Aswad Give A Little Love (Poster Sleeve) Ex-/Ex+ £3.00 EC Details
12" Aswad Hooked On You Ex+/Ex+ £2.90 EC Details
12" Aswad It's Not Our Wish (That We Should Fight) Vg/M- £4.85 MC Details
LP Aswad Live and Direct Ex/M- £5.00 MC Details
12" Aswad Next To You 2 versions available
New7" Aswad Next to You 2 versions available
LP Aswad Not Satisfied Ex+/Ex+ £5.20 LG Details
7" Aswad Pull Up Ex/Ex+ £2.50 EC Details
LP Aswad Renaissance Ex/M- £5.00 CC Details
7" Aswad Set Them Free Ex/Ex- £2.50 RS Details
New7" Aswad Too Wicked EP M-/M- £3.00 EC Details
7" Baby Bertie A Walking Miracle Ex £2.60 LC Details
7" Bailey, Admiral New Brand Slang Vg+ £2.50 MC Details
12" Bammie / Glen Sloley Love In Feel / Let's Love Ex-/Ex+ £2.20 ZY Details
7" Banks, Anicia I Want To Thank Jah Ex- £2.90 MC Details
7" Barnaby Rudge Hip Band I Spy Vg+ £5.75 RS Details
7" Barns, Jeff Jeff Barns Thing Ex £20.00 XE Details
12" Baysee, Duke Do You Love Me? Ex+/Ex+ £2.10 EC Details
12" Baysee, Duke Sugar Sugar Ex/Ex+ £2.10 EC Details
7" Beauford, George Candice Vg+ £2.80 MC Details
12" Beckford, Vincent Red Red Roses Ex- £2.10 RS Details
7" Bellfield Sugar Plum Ex- £5.00 XE Details
7" Bernard, Jackie Hear My Plea Vg- £4.55 LG Details
7" Berry, Jah Chant Down Babylon Vg+ £2.60 LG Details
12" Beshara Candi / Sattamassagana Ex £13.25 LG Details
7" Big Mountain Sweet Sensual Love Ex/Ex £2.50 RS Details
7" Big Youth House Of Dread Locks Ex £10.00 XE Details
7" Big Youth Jah Jah Love Them Vg £2.60 LG Details
7" Big Youth Mammy Hot And Daddy Cold Ex+ £12.00 XE Details
7" Big Youth Pope Paul Feel It Vg+ £2.60 LG Details
7" Big Youth The Wise Sheep M £2.60 MC Details
LP Biggs, Barry Mr Biggs Ex+/Ex+ £5.20 EC Details
LP Biggs, Barry Mr. Biggs Ex-/Ex- £5.20 RS Details
New7" Biggs, Barry Three Ring Circus 2 versions available
7" Biggs, Barry What's Your Sign Girl Ex- £2.50 RS Details
12" Biggs, Barry What's Your Sign Girl? Ex- £2.10 RS Details
New7" Biggs, Barry Wide Awake in a Dream 2 versions available
7" Biggs, Barry You're My Life Ex- £2.50 RS Details
7" Black Market Peace In The Morning Ex £2.60 MC Details
7" Black Slate Amigo 2 versions available
LP Black Slate Black Slate Ex+/Ex+ £6.15 EC Details
LP Black Slate Sirens In The City Vg+/Ex £5.00 LG Details
LP Black Uhuru Now Dub Ex-/M- £10.50 ZX Details
LP Black Uhuru Red 2 versions available
12" Black Uhuru What is Life? 2 versions available
7" Black Uhuru What Is Life? M-/M- £2.60 ZZ Details
LP Black, Pablov Mr Music Ex-/Ex £21.50 MC Details
7" Black, U Freedom Style Vg+ £20.50 LG Details
CDS Blackstones Silhouettes M-/M- £2.10 RS Details
12" Blackstones Sweet Feeling Ex- £10.25 ZY Details
LP Blooblo Reggae Party Time Ex- £8.55 LG Details
LP Bloodfire Posse Are You Ready? Ex-/Ex+ £5.00 LG Details
7" Bloodfire Posse Every Posse Get Flat Ex-/Ex £2.60 RS Details
7" Blues Blenders Girl Next Door Ex- £30.00 XE Details
7" Bob And Marcia / Jay Boys Young, Gifted And Black 2 versions available
12" Bond, Joyce Do The Teasy M-/M- £2.90 EC Details
7" Bond, Louis Tell Me When Ex+ £2.60 LG Details
12" Bonjo The More We Are Together Ex/Ex £2.10 ZX Details
7" Booker, Cedella Stay Alive Vg £3.80 MC Details
7" Boothe, Douglas My Woman's Love M- £2.60 MC Details
7" Boothe, Ken Let Go Ex £2.60 LH Details
LP Boothe, Ken / BB Seaton & The Gaylads The Great Ken Boothe Meets BB Seaton & The Gaylads Vg/Vg £6.60 LG Details
LP BOP (harvey) Bread & Circuses Ex/Ex £5.00 RS Details
12" Boucher, Judy Dreaming Of A Little Island Ex- £2.30 LG Details
12" Boucher, Judy You Caught My Eye Vg+/Ex- £2.30 LG Details
7" Boucher, Judy You Caught My Eye 4 versions available