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Metal as a music genre developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, with many music fans crediting Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin as the originators.

From there, the genre entered a period that has become known as New Wave of British Heavy Metal, or NWOBHM for short, which lasted from the late 70s into the mid-80s. Since the late 1980s, the genre has evolved and can now be classed as an umbrella term for many sub genres, including thrash, black metal and deathcore. Metal is the reason why today we have such genres as grunge, alternative rock, punk pop and nu metal.

At Vinylnet, you can find records and LPs from bands of all periods of Metal history and all sub genres. From Black Sabbath and Deep Purple to popular favourites such as AC/DC, Megadeth, Thin Lizzy and Motorhead.

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Format Artist Title Condition Price Code
7" Bonnet, Graham Liar Ex-/Ex £2.50 CR Details
LP Bonnet, Graham Line-Up Ex/Ex+ £5.20 EC Details
7" Bonnet, Graham Night Games 3 versions available
7" Bonnet, Graham That's The Way That It Is Ex/Ex £2.60 RS Details
7" Bonnet, Graham Warm Ride (Short Version) / (Long Version) Ex £35.00 XA Details
7" Bonnet, Graham Warm Ride / 10/12 Observation Ex £7.00 XA Details
LP Bow Wow Holy Expedition Ex/Ex+ £5.20 MC Details
CDS Breach It's Me God / Friction Ex-/Ex £2.10 RS Details
7" Breed 77 Alive (Radio Edit) / Apathy M-/M- £2.60 ZZ Details
7" Breed 77 Alive (Radio Edit) / Someone Tell Me M-/M- £2.60 ZZ Details
7" Breed 77 La Ultima Hora (The Final Hour) Ex/M- £2.60 ZZ Details
7" Breed 77 Shadows (Metal Mix '05) 2 versions available
7" Breed 77 The River (Radio Edit) M-/M- £2.60 ZZ Details
7" Breed 77 World's On Fire M-/M- £2.60 ZZ Details
7" Briar Edge Of A Broken Heart M-/M- £2.60 EC Details
LP Brighton Rock Take A Deep Breath Ex-/M £5.00 LH Details
7" British Lions One More Chance To Run Vg+/Ex £2.50 LG Details
7" British Whale This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us 2 versions available
LP Britny Fox Britny Fox Ex+/Ex+ £5.10 LG Details
12" Britny Fox Girlschool Ex/Ex £3.20 RS Details
7" Britny Fox Standing in the Shadows Ex/Ex- £2.50 RS Details
12" Brutal Truth Perpetual Conversion Ex+/Ex+ £22.00 MC Details
7" Buckshot Spitting Up Ex/Ex- £2.50 RS Details
CDS Bulletboys For the Love of Money M £2.10 RS Details
LP Burning Defeat Seldom M-/Ex+ £6.35 MC Details
7" Burtnick, Glen Follow You Ex-/Ex £2.50 RS Details
LP Burtnick, Glen Heroes and Zeros Ex-/Ex- £5.00 RS Details
CDS Bush Greedy Fly M-/M £2.10 RS Details
7" Bush Inflatable (String Lush Mix) M-/Ex £2.60 ZZ Details
7" Bush Letting The Cables Sleep (Single Version) M-/M- £2.60 ZZ Details
10" Bush Machinehead M-/M- £5.00 ZZ Details
LP Bush Razorblade Suitcase Ex/Ex+ £14.00 RS Details
LP Bush Sixteen Stone Ex/Ex+ £45.00 RS Details
CDS Bush Swallowed M-/M £2.10 RS Details
CDS Bush The Chemicals Between Us M-/M £2.10 MC Details
CDS Bush The People That We Love M/M £2.10 ZD Details
CDS Bush The Science of Things M/M £2.10 ZD Details
7" Butcher, Jon Goodbye Saving Grace Ex+/Ex+ £2.50 EC Details
LP Butcher, Jon Pictures From The Front Ex-/Ex+ £5.00 LG Details
LP Butcher, Jon Wishes Ex/Ex+ £5.00 EC Details