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The 80s are renowned for the vast range of musical talent that the decade produced, and generally, when one thinks of 80s music they think of pop acts from the Top 40 or MTV. But, as with any musical decade, the pop genre barely scrapes the surface.

In the early 80s, a whole host of musical talent, spanning a range of erupted onto the scene. At Vinylnet, you can find a vast selection of vinyl and CD releases of early 80s alternative music.

Included in the section, we have new wave, mod revival, 2 tone, new romantic and 80s electronic genres. So here you can find acts such as Elvis Costello, Joy Division, New order, Chords, Specials, Adam and the Ants, OMD and Depeche Mode to name but a few.

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Format Artist Title Condition Price Code
CD Bragg, Billy Volume 2 M/M- £2.60 LC Details
7" Bragg, Billy You Woke Up My Neighbourhood Ex+/M- £2.60 EC Details
7" Bragg, Billy / Wet Wet Wet She's Leaving Home / With A Little Help From My Friends Ex-/Ex £2.50 RS Details
7" Bragg, Billy etc Reason To Believe + 3 Ex- £2.60 LH Details
7" Brain Donor Get Off Your Pretty Face M-/M- £2.60 ZZ Details
7" Brain Donor She Saw Me Coming M-/M- £2.60 ZZ Details
7" Brainiac 5 Time / Monkeys & Degenerates Ex+/Ex £2.60 RU Details
7" Brainiac 5 Working / Feel Ex-/Ex- £3.95 RU Details
CD Branca, Glenn The World Upside Down M/M £4.45 ZB Details
7" Braun, Steve When I See Your Eyes Ex-/Ex £2.60 RS Details
7" Bright, Bette Hello, I Am Your Heart Ex-/Ex- £2.50 RS Details
7" Bright, Bette My Boyfriend's Back 2 versions available
7" Bright, Bette Some Girls Have All The Luck Ex/Ex+ £3.00 EC Details
7" Bright, Bette The Captain Of Your Ship 3 versions available
7" Bright, Bette When You Were Mine Ex £2.60 RS Details
7" Brucken, Claudia Absolut (e) 2 versions available
LP Brucken, Claudia & Thomas Leer Laughter, Tears & Rage M-/Ex+ £5.20 MC Details
LP Buddy Odor Stop Buddy Odor Is A Gas! Ex-/Ex £5.00 RS Details
7" Bunk Dogger French Lessons Ex-/Ex £2.60 LC Details
7" Bunny, David Not That Song Again Ex-/Ex- £3.10 LH Details
7" Burgess, Mark & Yves Altana Always Want Ex-/Ex £2.60 LH Details
7" Burgess, Mark & Yves Altana Sin Ex-/Ex £2.60 LH Details
LP Burroughs, W S / Crispy Ambulance The Doctor is on the Market Ex-/M- £17.75 ZB Details
7" Bush Telegraph Turn Those Guns Around Ex/Ex+ £2.50 EC Details
7" Buzzards We Make A Noise Ex-/Ex £2.60 LC Details
12" By Chance Soul Kitchen Ex/M- £10.25 ZB Details