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Island Records R & B subsidiary. Formed December 1963 to release material licenced from Henry 'Juggy' Murray 's New York labels (Sue, Symbol, AFO, Crackerjack) including Ike & Tina Turner, Inez & Charlie Foxx, Elmore James etc. In later years Sue became predominently a soul label releasing tracks by Bob & Earl, Jerry Butler, Fascinations etc. The final release was in June 1968 when Sue becoming Action Records.


Cat no Artist Title Format
ILP907 McGriff, Jimmy I've Got a Woman   LP
All albums numbered within the main Island series
ILP908 McGriff, Jimmy Gospel Time   LP
ILP911 Anderson, Ernestine The New Sound of Ernestine Anderson   LP
ILP911 Foxx, Inez & Charlie Mockingbird   LP
ILP913 Soul Sisters The Soul Sisters   LP
ILP917 Smith, Huey Piano Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu   LP
With the Clowns.Titled 'Havin' a Good Time' on label
ILP918 James, Elmore The Best of Elmore James   LP
ILP919 V/A Sue Sampler Record fror Clubs   LP
Promo only no sleeve.Typed white label & sheet
ILP919 V/A Pure Blues Volume One   LP
ILP920 V/A 50 Minutes 24 Seconds of Recorded Dynamite   LP
ILP921 V/A We Sing the Blues   LP
ILP922 Williams, Larry Larry Williams on Stage   LP
ILP924 Dorsey, Lee The Best of Lee Dorsey   LP
ILP925 V/A The Sue Story   LP
ILP927 James, Elmore The Elmore James Memorial Album   LP
ILP933 V/A The Sue Story Volume Two   LP
ILP934 V/A Soul '66   LP
ILP935 Preston, Billy The Most Exciting Organ Ever   LP
ILP937 Righteous Brothers In Action   LP
ILP938 V/A The Sue Story Volume Three   LP
ILP949 Lynn, Barbara The Barbara Lynn Story   LP
ILP950 Wallace Brothers Soul Connection   LP
ILP951 Bob & Earl Harlem Shuffle   LP


Cat no Artist Title Format
WI301 Foxx, Inez & Charlie Mockingbird / He's the One You Love  7"
Credited to Inez Foxx only
WI302 Washington, Baby That's How Heartaches Are Made / Doodlin'  7"
WI303 McGriff, Jimmy All About My Girl / MG Blues  7"
WI304 Foxx, Inez & Charlie Jaybirds / Broken-Hearted Fool  7"
Credited to Inez Foxx only
WI305 Byrd, Russell Hitch Hike Pt 1 / Hitch Hike Pt 2  7"
WI306 Turner, Ike & Tina Gonna Work Out Fine / Won't You Forgive Me  7"
Reissue of London HLU9451
WI307 Foxx, Inez & Charlie Competition / Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush  7"
As Charlie & Inez Foxx
WI308 Martin, Derek Daddy Rolling Stone / Don't Put Me Down Like This  7"
Credited as Derak Martin
WI309 Anderson, Ernestine Keep an Eye On Love / Continental Mind  7"
WI310 McGriff, Jimmy Last Minute Pt 1 / Last Minute Pt 2  7"
WI311 Williams, Mary Lou Chuck-a-Lunk Jug Pt 1 / Chuck-a-Lunk Jug Pt 2  7"
WI312 Soul Sisters I Can't Stand It / Blueberry Hill  7"
WI313 Jacobs, Hank So Far Away / Monkey, Hips and Rice  7"
WI314 Foxx, Inez & Charlie Ask Me / Hi Diddle Diddle  7"
Credited to Inez Foxx only
WI315 Hendricks, Bobby Itchy Twitchy Feeling / Thousand Dreams  7"
Credited as Bobby Henricks.Reissue of London HL8714
WI316 George, Barbara Send For Me / Bless You  7"
WI317 McGriff, Jimmy I've Got a Woman Pt 1 / I've Got a Woman Pt 2  7"
WI318 Whitsett, Tim Macks by the Tracks  / Shine  7"
WI319 Homesick James Crossroads / My Baby's Sweet  7"
WI320 Mabon, Willie Got To Have Some / Why Did It Happen To Me  7"
WI321 Washington, Baby I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby / Who's Going to Take Care of Me  7"
WI322 Turner, Ike & Tina The Argument / Poor Fool  7"
WI323 Foxx, Inez & Charlie Hurt By Love / Confusion  7"
Credited to Inez Foxx only
WI324 LaBelle, Patti & the Bluebelles Down the Aisle / C'est la Vie  7"
WI325 Megatons (USA) Shimmy Shimmy Walk Pt 1 / Shimmy Shimmy Walk Pt 2  7"
WI326 Trammell, Bobby Lee New Dance in France / Carolyn  7"
WI327 Washington, Tony & the DC's Show Me How (To Milk a Cow) / Boof Ska  7"
WI328 Wood, Anita Dream Baby / This Happened Before  7"
WI329 Edwards, Jackie Stagger Lee / Pretty Girl  7"
WI330 Homesick James Set a Date / Can't Afford To Do It  7"
WI331 Mabon, Willie Just Got Some / That's No Big Thing  7"
WI332 Sheldon, Doug Take It Like a Man / Lonely Boy  7"
WI333 McGriff, Jimmy 'Round Midnight / Lonely Avenue  7"
WI334 Wallace Brothers Precious Words / You're Mine  7"
WI335 James, Elmore Dust My Blues / Happy Home  7"
With Broom Dusters
WI336 Soul Sisters Loop De Loop / Long Gone  7"
WI337 Louisiana Red I Done Woke Up / I Had a Feeling  7"
WI338 Not Issued Not Issued  7"
WI339 Lenoir, JB I Sung Um the Way I Feel / I Feel So Good  7"
With His African Hunch Rhythm
WI340 Parker, Bobby Watch Your Step / Steal Your Heart Away  7"
Reissue of London HLU9393
WI341 Downing, Big Al Yes I'm Loving You / Please Come Home  7"
WI342 Peterson, Bobby Rockin' Charlie Pt 1 / Rockin' Charlie Pt 2  7"
WI343 Daylighters Oh Mom (Teach Me How to Uncle Willie) / Hard-Headed Girl  7"
WI344 Revere, Paul & the Raiders Like Long Hair / Sharon  7"
Reissue of Top Rank JAR557
WI345 Thornton, Willie Mae Tom Cat / Monkey in the Barn  7"
WI346 Peterson, Bobby Piano Rock / One Day  7"
WI347 Bateman, June I Don't Wanna / Noble's Theme  7"
B side by Noble Thin Man Watts & Band
WI348 Olympics The Bounce / Fireworks  7"
WI349 King, Freddy Driving Sideways / Hideaway  7"
WI350 Turner, Ike & Tina I Can't Believe What You Say / My Baby Now  7"
WI351 Kenner, Chris Land of 1000 Dances / That's My Girl  7"
WI352 Everett, Betty I've Got a Claim On You / Your Love is Important To Me  7"
WI353 Burrage, Harold I'll Take One / A Long Ways Together  7"
WI354 Shelton, Roscoe Strain on My Heart / Question  7"
A & B side labels reversed
WI355 Wallace Brothers Lover's Prayer / Love Me Like I Love You  7"
WI356 Foxx, Inez & Charlie La De Da I Love You / Yankee Doodle Dandy  7"
WI357 Pleasures Music City / If I Had a Little Money  7"
WI358 King, BB The Letter / You Never Know  7"
WI359 James, Etta Roll With Me Henry / Good Rockin' Daddy  7"
WI360 Brown, James Night Train / Why Does Everything Happen To Me  7"
With Famous Flames
WI361 Hooker, John Lee I'm in the Mood / Boogie Chillun  7"
WI362 Redding, Otis Shout Bamalama / Fat Girl  7"
WI363 Harrison, Wilbert Let's Stick Together / Kansas City Twist  7"
WI364 Smith, Huey Piano If It Ain't One Thing It's Another / Tu-Ber-Cu-Lucas and the Sinus Blues  7"
With the Clowns
WI365 Williamson, Sonny Boy No Nights By Myself / Boppin' with Sonny Boy  7"
WI366 Ford, Frankie Sea Cruise / Roberta  7"
With Huey Piano Smith & Clowns. Reissue of London HL8850
WI367 Dorsey, Lee Do-Re-Mi / Ya Ya  7"
WI368 Brown, Buster Fannie Mae / Lost in a Dream  7"
Reissue of Melodisc 1559
WI369 Ford, Frankie What's Going On / Watchdog  7"
WI370 Tex, Joe Yum Yum Yum / You Little Baby Face Thing  7"
WI371 Williams, Larry Strange / Call On Me  7"
WI372 Thomas, Irma Don't Mess With My Man / Set Me Free  7"
WI373 McNeely, Big Jay There is Something on Your Mind / Back....Shack.....Track  7"
With Little Sonny.Reissue of Top Rank JAR169
WI374 Bob & Earl Harlem Shuffle / I'll Keep Running Back  7"
WI375 Fulson, Lowell Too Many Drivers / Key to Your Heart  7"
WI376 Turner, Ike & Tina Please Please Please / Am I a Fool in Love  7"
WI377 Elbert, Donnie A Little Piece of Leather / Do Wat'cha Wanna  7"
WI378 Betters, Harold Do Anything You Wanna Pt 1 / Do Anything You Wanna Pt 2  7"
WI379 Hawkins, Screamin' Jay I Hear Voices / Just Don't Care  7"
WI380 Smith, Huey Piano Rockin Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu Pt 1 / Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu Pt 2  7"
With the Clowns
WI381 Williams, Larry Turn on Your Lovelight / Dizzy Miss Lizzy  7"
WI382 Mabon, Willie I'm the Fixer / Some More  7"
WI383 James, Elmore It Hurts Me Too / Bleeding Heart  7"
WI384 Manhattans I Wanna Be (Your Everything) / Searchin' for My Baby  7"
WI385 Cook, Little Joe Stormy Monday Blues Pt 1 / Stormy Monday Blues Pt 2  7"
Actually by Chris Farlowe & Thunderbirds
WI386 Jackson, Alexander & the Turnkeys The Whip / Tell It Like It Is  7"
Actually Flea Pot / Sweetie Lester by Lala Wilson
WI387 Johnson, Jimmy Don't Answer the Door Pt 1 / Don't Answer the Door Pt 2  7"
WI388 Day, Bobby Rockin' Robin / Over and Over  7"
Reissue of London HL8726
WI389 Ikettes Prisoner in Love / Those Words  7"
WI390 Tarheel Slim & Little Ann You Make Me Feel So Good / Got to Keep on Lovin' You  7"
WI391 Dorsets Pork Chops / Cool It  7"
WI392 James, Elmore Knocking at Your Door / Calling the Blues  7"
B side actually by Junior Wells & Earl Hooker
WI393 Bob & Earl Baby I'm Satisfied / The Sissy  7"
WI394 Knight, Gladys & the Pips Letter Full of Tears / You Broke Your Promise  7"
WI395 Phillips, Esther The Chains / Feel Like I Wanna Cry  7"
As Esther Philips
WI396 Elbert, Donnie You Can Push It (Or Pull It) / Lily Lou  7"
WI397 Professor Longhair Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand / Looka' No Hair  7"
WI398 The Baron with His Pounding Piano Is a Blue Bird Blue / In the Mood  7"
WI399 Dorsey, Lee Messed Around / When I Meet My Baby  7"
WI4001 Little Richard Without Love / Dance What You Wanna  7"
WI4002 Duncan, Tommy Dance Dance Dance / Let's Try It Over Again  7"
WI4003 Butler, Jerry I Stand Accused / I Don't Want to Hear Anymore  7"
WI4004 Reed, Jimmy Odds and Ends / Going by the River Pt 2  7"
B side is actually Pt 1
WI4005 Upchurch, Phil (Combo) You Can't Sit Down Pt 1 / You Can't Sit Down Pt 2  7"
Reissue of HMV POP899
WI4006 Hughes, Jimmy Goodbye My Love / It Was Nice  7"
WI4007 James, Elmore I Need You / Mean Mistreating Mama  7"
WI4008 Hawkins, Screamin' Jay I Put a Spell on You / Little Demon  7"
WI4009 Butler, Jerry Just For You / Believe In Me  7"
WI4010 Smith, Effie Dial That Telephone Pt 1 / Dial That Telephone Pt 2  7"
WI4011 Valens, Ritchie La Bamba / Donna  7"
WI4012 Preston, Billy Billy's Bag / Don't Let the Sun Catch You Cryin'  7"
WI4013 Jaybirds (USA) Somebody Help Me / The Right Kind  7"
WI4014 Birdlegs & Pauline Spring / In So Many Ways  7"
WI4015 Little Richard It Ain't Watcha Do (It's the Way How You Do It) / Crossover  7"
WI4016 Harris, Thurston Little Bitty Pretty One / I Hope You Won't Hold It Against Me  7"
With the Sharps.Reissue of Vogue V9092
WI4017 Upchurch, Phil (Combo) Nothing But Soul / Evad  7"
WI4018 Righteous Brothers You Can Have Her / Justine  7"
WI4019 Spidells Find Out What's Happening / That'll Make My Heart Break  7"
WI4020 Santells So Fine / These Are Love  7"
WI4021 Little Milton Early in the Morning / Bless Your Heart  7"
Actually by Roy Milton
WI4022 Shades of Blue (USA) Oh How Happy / Little Orphan Boy  7"
WI4023 Fulson, Lowell Talking Woman / Blues Around Midnight  7"
As Lowell Fulsom
WI4024 Parker, Raymond Ring Around the Roses / She's Coming Home  7"
WI4025 Marcelle, Lydia Another Kind of Fellow / I've Never Been Hurt Like This Before  7"
WI4026 Hall, Gerri Who Can I Run To / I Lost a Key  7"
WI4027 Mr Dynamite Sh'mon / Sh'mon Pt 2  7"
B side by Dynamite Orchestra
WI4028 Lynn, Barbara Letter to Mommy and Daddy / Second Fiddle Girl  7"
WI4029 Simone, Sugar Suddenly / King without a Throne  7"
WI4030 Bob & Earl Don't Ever Leave Me / Fancy Free  7"
WI4031 White, Danny Keep My Woman Home / I'm Dedicating My Life  7"
WI4032 Don & Dewey Soul Motion / Stretchin' Out  7"
Reissue of Cameo Parkway CP750
WI4033 Anglos Incense / You're Fooling Me  7"
WI4034 Kelly Brothers Falling in Love Again / Crying Days Are Over  7"
WI4035 Kilgore, Theola I'll Keep Trying / He's Coming Back To Me  7"
WI4036 Wallace Brothers I'll Step Aside / Hold My Hurt for a While  7"
WI4037 Smith, Edgewood & the Fabulous Tailfeathers Ain't That Lovin' / Yeah  7"
WI4038 Lynn, Barbara You'll Lose a Good Thing / Lonely Heartaches  7"
WI4039 Clark, Claudine The Strength to be Strong / Moon Madness  7"
WI4040 Day, Jackie Before It's Too Late / Without a Love  7"
WI4041 Martin, Paul Snake in the Grass / I've Got a New Love  7"
WI4042 Roberts, John Sockin' 1, 2, 3, 4 / Sophisticated Funk  7"
WI4043 Wright, OV What About You / What Did You Tell This Girl of Mine  7"
WI4044 Bland, Bobby That Did It / A Touch of the Blues  7"
WI4045 King, Al Think Twice Before You Speak / The Winner  7"
WI4046 Matthews, Joe Sorry Ain't Good Enough / You Better Mend Your Ways  7"
WI4047 Jones, Thelma Stronger / Never Leave Me  7"
WI4048 Lamp Sisters A Woman with the Blues / I Thought It Was All Over  7"
WI4049 Fascinations Girls Are Out To Get You / You'll Be Sorry  7"
Reissue of Stateside SS594
IEP706 Turner, Ike & Tina The Soul of Ike and Tina Turner  EP
IEP710 Redding, Otis Early Otis Redding  EP
IEP711 Hill, ZZ / Intentions Gimme Gimme  EP
2 tracks each.Jackie Day wrongly credited on sleeve