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Step Forward

Founded by Sniffin' Glue editor Mark Perry and backed by Miles Copeland, this seminal punk label mainly specialized in the London punk bands that Perry was raving about in his fanzine. But crucially they were also the only people to consider releasing records by unique Manchester act The Fall. "Bingo-Masters Break-Out!", the seventh release on the label, had been touted around by Mark E Smith for over a year before Perry's friend and future washing powder salesman Danny Baker persauded Copeland to give the band a chance. Thirty years later the world is still reaping the consequences of that decision...


Cat no Artist Title Format
SFLP 1 Fall Live At The Witch Trials   LP
SFLP 2 Chelsea Chelsea   LP
SFLP 3 Sods Minutes To Go   LP
SFLP 4 Fall Dragnet   LP
SFLP 5 Chelsea Alternative Hits   LP
SFLP 6 Fall Early Years (77-79)   LP
SFLP 7 Chelsea Evacuate   LP


Cat no Artist Title Format
SF 1 Cortinas Fascist Dictator / Television Families  7"
SF 2 Chelsea Right To Work / The Loner  7"
First issued in a card sleeve, later paper
SF 3 Models Freeze / Man Of The Year  7"
SF 4 Sham 69 I Don't Wanna / Ulster / Red London  7"
SF 412 Sham 69 I Don't Wanna / Ulster / Red London  12"
SF 5 Chelsea High Rise / No Admission  7"
SF 6 Cortinas Defiant Pose / Independance  7"
SF 7 Fall Bingo-Masters Break-Out! / Psycho Mafia / Repetition  7"
SF 8 Chelsea Urban Kids / No Flowers  7"
SF 9 Fall It's The New Thing! / Various Times  7"
SF 10 Lemon Kittens Spoonfed And Writhing EP  7"
7 track EP
SF 11 Fall Rowche Rumble / In My Area  7"
SF 1212 Transmitters Still Hunting For The Ugly Man EP  12"
4 track EP
SF 13 Fall Fiery Jack / Second Dark Age / Psykick Dancehall 2  7"
Initially in very rare black & white sleeve, most in yellow tinted one
SF 14 Chelsea No-One's Coming Outside / What Would You Do  7"
SF 15 Chelsea Look At The Outside / Don't Get Me Wrong  7"
SF 16 Chelsea No Escape / Decide  7"
SF 17 Chelsea Rockin' Horse / Years Away  7"
SF 18 Chelsea Freemans / ID Parade / How Do You Know  7"
SF 19 Chron Gen Reality / Subway Sadist  7"
SF 20 Chelsea Evacuate / New Era  7"
SF 21 Chelsea War Across The Nations / High Rise Living (New Version)  7"
SF 22 Chelsea Stand Out / Last Drink  7"