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Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations started from a Belfast record shop of the same name run by Terri Hooley. The label specialized in Northern Irish punk bands of whom the Undertones became the best known after their debut single "Teenage Kicks" was championed by Radio 1 DJ John Peel. Famously he liked it so much he played it twice - and it remained one of his favourites until he died. Hooley went bankrupt in 1982, but managed to revive the label at the end of the 80s.


Cat no Artist Title Format
BIG1 Outcasts Self Conscious Over You   LP
BIG2 V/A Ulster On A Thin Wire   LP
BIG3 Nerves Notre Demo   LP
BIG4 Protex Listening In   LP
Release originally cancelled, finally issued in 2001 - official?


Cat no Artist Title Format
GOT1 Rudi Big Time / No. One  7"
Pink or white wraparound sleeve, 3000 pressed
GOT2 Victim Strange Thing By Night / Mixed Up World  7"
Pink wraparound sleeve
GOT3 Outcasts Just Another Teenage Rebel / Love Is For Sops  7"
White wraparound sleeve
GOT4 Undertones Teenage Kicks  7"
4 track EP, most in white wraparound sleeve, also VERY rare yellow, green, pink & blue sleeves. Reissued several times, firstly on Sire
GOT5 Xdreamysts Right Way Home / Dance Away Lover  7"
White wraparound sleeve
GOT6 Protex Don't Ring Me Up / (Just Want) Your Attention / Listening in  7"
Wraparound sleeve, reissued as RT/GOT1
GOT7 V/A Battle Of The Bands  7"
2 x 7" in orange gatefold sleeve. Rudi, Outcasts, Idiots, Spider
GOT8 Ruefrex One By One / Cross The Line / Don't Panic  7"
White wraparound sleeve
GOT9 Tearjerkers Love Affair / Bus Stop  7"
White wraparound sleeve
GOT10 Moondogs She's Nineteen / Ya Don't Do Ya  7"
White wraparound sleeve
GOT11 Tee Vees Doctor Headlove / War Machine  7"
GOT12 Rudi I Spy  7"
4 track EP
GOT13 Shapes Blast Off / Airline Disasters  7"
GOT14 PBR Streetgang The Big Day  7"
1-sided flexi-disc
GOT15 White, Andy Six String Street / Travelling Circus  7"
Also 12"
GOT16 De Ville, Cruella Drunken Uncle John / Those Two Dreadful Children  7"
GOT17 Outcasts Self Conscious Over You / Love You For Never  7"
GOT18 Bank Robbers On My Mind / All Night  7"
GOT20 Rain Saints Caroline  7"
GOT21 Four Idle Hands 99 Streets / Friday Man  7"
GOT22 PBR Streetgang Get Down (Before You Fall) / Come Alive For Me  7"
GOT23 Tiberius' Minnows Time Flies / Cuckoo  7"
GOT24 Four Idle Hands Four Idle Hands EP  12"
4 track EP
GOT25 Glam Slam The Leader EP  7"
GOT26 Preacher John The Mountain  12"
GOT28 Tiberius' Minnows Oh June / The Way I Feel  7"
GOT29 Beekeepers Howl EP  12"
4 track EP
GOT30 PBR Streetgang This City / Talking To You  7"
GOT31 Mighty Fall Kick It In The Head  7"
GOT32 Ten Wheels For Jesus Everybody's Making Money (Out Of Me) / I Gave Up Waiting  7"
GOT33 Heat The Beans Hallucinate  7"
GOT34 Tiberius' Minnows The Love EP  CDS
GOT36 Payola Stick 2 Fingers Up EP  CDS
GOT37 Twinkle Aphyd EP  CDS
GVI GOT1 Bears Insane / Decisions  7"
Wraparound sleeve
GVI GOT2 Jets Original Terminal / Block 4 / The Iceburn  7"
GVI GOT3 Static Routines Rock 'n' Roll Clones / Sheet Music  7"
GVI GOT5 Strange Movements Dancing In The Ghetto / Amuse Yourself  7"
GVI GOT6 Zebra Repression / 931  12"


Cat no Artist Title Format
GOT19 Not Issued Not Issued  Other
GOT27 Not Issued Not Issued  Other
GOT35 Not Issued Not Issued  Other
GVI GOT4 Not Issued Not Issued  Other