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Set up primarily to be the home of more progressive releases within the Pye sphere it was launched in September 1969 to compete with Deram (Decca), Harvest (EMI) and Vertigo (Philips), but achieved most commercial successs with the jugband Mungo Jerry. Other notable acts included Atomic Rooster, Stray, Prelude, Paul Brett, Donovan & David McWilliams. Having effectively failed to compete, Dawn ceased with the last original release in February 1976.


Cat no Artist Title Format
DNLS3001 Stevenson, Richard Gates of Me   LP
Export only
DNLS3002 Kongos, John Confusions about a Goldfish   LP
DNLS3003 Man 2 Ozs of Plastic with a Hole in the Middle   LP
DNLS3004 Trader Horne Morning Way   LP
DNLS3005 Cooper, Mike Do I Know You   LP
DNLS3006 Trio The Trio   LP
2xlp John Surman / Barre Phillips / Stu Martin
DNLS3007 Quiet World The Road   LP
DNLS3008 Mungo Jerry Mungo Jerry   LP
DNLS3009 Donovan Open Road   LP
Also later issued as part of 4xlp Pye box set
DNLS3010 Heron Heron   LP
DNLS3011 Cooper, Mike Trout Steel   LP
DNLS3012 Titus Groan Titus Groan   LP
DNLS3013 Demon Fuzz Afreaka   LP
DNLS3014 Atlantic Bridge Atlantic Bridge   LP
DNLS3015 Mandel, Harvey Baby Batter   LP
DNLS3016 Potliquor First Taste   LP
DNLS3017 Trifle First Meeting   LP
DNLS3018 Surman, John Where Fortune Smiles   LP
With John McLaughlin, Karl Berger, Stu Martin & Dave Holland
DNLS3019 Comus First Utterance   LP
DNLS3020 Mungo Jerry Electronically Tested   LP
DNLS3021 Brett, Paul Jubilation Foundry   LP
As Paul Brett's Sage
DNLS3022 Trio Conflagration   LP
John Surman / Stu Martin /Barre Phillips
DNLS3023 McAuley, Jackie Jackie McAuley   LP
DNLB3024 V/A The Dawn Take-Away Concert   LP
DNLS3025 Heron Twice as Nice and Half the Price   LP
DNLS3026 Cooper, Mike Places I Know   LP
With Machine Gun Co
DNLS3027 Be-Bop Preservation Society The Be-Bop Preservation Society   LP
DNLS3028 Mungo Jerry You Don't Have to be in the Army   LP
DNLS3029 Noir We Had to Let You Have It   LP
DNLS3030 Pluto Pluto   LP
DNLS3031 Cooper, Mike The Machine Gun Co with Mike Cooper   LP
With Machine Gun Co
DNLS3032 Brett, Paul Schizophrenia   LP
As Paul Brett's Sage
DNLS3033 Dorset, Ray Cold Blue Excursion   LP
DNLS3034 Bronx Cheer Bronx Cheer's Greatest Hits Vol 3   LP
DNLS3035 King, Paul Been in the Pen Too Long   LP
DNLS3036 Not Issued Not Issued   LP
DNLS3037 Furey, Finbar & Eddie The Dawning of the Day   LP
DNLS3038 Atomic Rooster Made in England   LP
DNLS3039 McWilliams, David Lord Offaly   LP
DNLS3040 King-Earl Boogie Band Trouble at Mill   LP
DNLS3041 Mungo Jerry Boot Power   LP
DNLS3042 Jonesy No Alternative   LP
DNLS3043 Franc, Peter Profile   LP
DNLS3044 Jameson, Stephen Stephen Jameson   LP
DNLS3045 Mungo Jerry Mungo Jerry's Greatest Hits   LP
DNLS3046 Gravy Train Second Birth   LP
DNLS3047 McWilliams, David The Beggar and the Priest   LP
DNLS3048 Jonesy Keeping Up   LP
DNLS3049 Atomic Rooster Nice 'n' Greasy   LP
DNLS3050 Mason Mason   LP
Export only
DNLS3051 Franc, Peter En Route   LP
DNLS3052 Prelude How Long is Forever   LP
DNLS3053 Fruupp Future Legends   LP
DNLS3054 Friel, Brian Joseph Brian Joseph Friel   LP
DNLS3055 Jonesy Growing   LP
DNLS3056 Quicksand Home is Where I Belong   LP
DNLS3057 Wilderness Road Wilderness Road   LP
Not Issued
DNLS3058 Fruupp Seven Secrets   LP
DNLS3059 McWilliams, David Living's Just a State of Mind   LP
DNLS3060 Knight, Curtis Zeus the Second Coming   LP
As Curtis Knight Zeus
DNLS3061 Prelude Dutch Courage   LP
DNLS3062 Rose, Tim Tim Rose   LP
DNLS3063 Brotherhood of Man Good Things Happening   LP
DNLS3064 Friel, Brian Joseph Arrivederci Ardrossan   LP
As Brian Friel
DNLS3065 Kilburn & the High Roads Handsome   LP
DNLS3066 Stray Stand Up and be Counted   LP
DNLS3067 McKendree Spring Get Me to the Country   LP
DNLS3068 Sahara Sahara Sunrise   LP
DNLS3069 Not Issued Not Issued   LP
DNLS3070 Fruupp Modern Masquerades   LP
DNLS3071 Not Issued Not Issued   LP
DNLS3072 Martin, Stu & John Surman Live at Woodstock Town Hall   LP
DNLS3501 Mungo Jerry Long Legged Woman   LP
DNLD4001 Donovan HMS Donovan   LP
2xlp.Also later issued as part of 4xlp Pye box set
DNLH1 Gravy Train Staircase to the Day   LP
DNLH2 Fruupp The Prince of Heaven's Eyes   LP
DNLH3 Prelude Owlcreek Incident   LP
DNSM5001 V/A Has It Dawned On You   LP


Cat no Artist Title Format
DNS1001 Quiet World Miss Whittington / There is a Mountain  7"
As Quiet World of Lea & John
DNS1002 Kongos, John Flim Flam Pharisee / Blood  7"
DNS1003 Trader Horne Here Comes the Rain / Goodbye Mercy Kelly  7"
DNS1004 Not Issued Not Issued  7"
DNS1005 Quiet World Children of the World / Love is Walking  7"
DNS1006 Donovan Ricki Ticki Tavi / Roots of Oak  7"
With the Open Road. Some A sides as Riki Tiki Tavi
DNS1007 Donovan Celia of the Seals / Mr Wind  7"
A side with Danny Thompson
DNS1008 Trifle Old Fashioned Prayer Meeting / Dirty Old Town  7"
DNS1009 Not Issued Not Issued  7"
Scheduled for Potliquor or Paul Brett's Sage?
DNS1010 Brett, Paul Goodbye Forever / Good Old Fashioned Funky Kind of Music  7"
As Paul Brett's Sage
DNS1011 McAuley, Jackie Turning Green  / It's Alright  7"
DNS1012 Reed, Joe Ain't That a Shame / Follow Me  7"
DNS1013 Smoke Stack Crumble Got a Bad Leg / Whisky Macaroni  7"
Produced by Keith Relf
DNS1014 Cooper, Mike Country Water / Night Journey  7"
B side with Machine Gun Co
DNS1015 Heron Take Me Back Home / Minstrel and a King  7"
DNS1016 Not Issued Not Issued  7"
Scheduled for Noir-Ju Ju Man?
DNS1017 Pluto Rag a Bone Joe / Stealing My Thunder  7"
DNS1018 Dorset, Ray Cold Blue Excursion / I Need It  7"
DNS1019 Bronx Cheer Hold On To Me / Late Date  7"
DNS1020 McAuley, Jackie Rocking Shoes / One Fine Day  7"
DNS1021 Brett, Paul Dahlia / Cottage Made For Two  7"
As Paul Brett's Sage
DNS1022 Cooper, Mike Time in Hand / Schaabisch Hall  7"
DNS1023 King, Paul Whoa Buck / Zoe  7"
DNS1024 King-Earl Boogie Band Plastic Jesus / If the Lord Don't Get You  7"
DNS1025 Furey, Finbar & Eddie Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway / Reynardine  7"
DNS1026 Pluto I Really Want It / Something That You Loved  7"
DNS1027 Atomic Rooster Stand By Me  / Never to Lose  7"
DNS1028 King-Earl Boogie Band Starlight / Goin' to German  7"
DNS1029 Atomic Rooster Save Me / Close Your Eyes  7"
DNS1030 Jonesy Ricochet / Every Day's the Same  7"
DNS1031 King, Paul Look At Me Now / Nobody Knows  7"
As P Rufus King
DNS1032 Not Issued Not Issued  7"
DNS1033 Franc, Peter I'll Move Along / Song for Every Season  7"
DNS1034 Crane / Farlowe Can't Find a Reason / Moods  7"
As Crane / Farlow.B side by Vincent Crane
DNS1035 Jameson, Stephen Don't Say / Back Together Once Again  7"
DNS1036 Gravy Train Strength of a Dream / Tolpuddle Episode  7"
DNS1037 Mungo Jerry Alright Alright Alright / Little Miss Hipshake  7"
DNS1038 Charles, Roger Understand Each Other / Can't Forget  7"
DNS1039 Franc, Peter Ballad of the Superstar / Strange Kind of Woman  7"
DNS1040 Mason Fading / It's Alright  7"
DNS1041 Prelude Out There / Song For Three Months Gone  7"
DNS1042 Jameson, Stephen Take Me to the Doctor / Rocky Fitzroy Jameson  7"
DNS1043 Eadon, Gus (Band) Times Are Hard Now Ain't They / Ladybird  7"
DNS1044 McWilliams, David Love Like a Lady / Down by the Dockyard  7"
DNS1045 Mercury, Mick & the Meteors Waiting Room Goodbye / Minglewood  7"
DNS1046 Quicksand Time to Live / Empty Street Empty Heart  7"
DNS1047/8 Not Issued Not Issued  7"
DNS1049 Knight, Curtis The Devil Made Me Do It / Oh Rainbow  7"
As Curtis Knight Zeus
DNS1050 Friel, Brian Joseph The Rock and Roll's In Me / Song for Ralph  7"
DNS1051 Mungo Jerry Wild Love / Glad I'm a Rocker  7"
DNS1052 Prelude After the Goldrush / Johnson Boy  7"
DNS1053 Tuesday Man of the Road / ???  7"
Release unconfirmed
DNS1054 Not Issued Not Issued  7"
DNS1055 Brotherhood of Man When Love Catches Up On You / How Can You Love  7"
DNS1056 Castaways Rock and Roll Lullabye / ???  7"
Release unconfirmed
DNS1057 Goodfellow, Robin You Know Me Now / I'm Suddenly Alive  7"
DNS1058 Gravy Train Starbright Starlight / Good Time Thing  7"
DNS1059 Stagg, Ross I'll Never be a Star (But I Might) / Oh Captain  7"
DNS1060 Charles, Roger Pachelbel / Watching the Boat  7"
DNS1061 Mungo Jerry Long Legged Woman Dressed in Black / Gonna Bop 'Til I Drop  7"
DNS1062 Not Issued Not Issued  7"
DNS1063 Kendrick, Linda Sympathy for the Devil / He Wrote Me a Letter  7"
DNS1064 McWilliams, David You've Only Been a Stranger / Ships in the Night  7"
DNS1065 Knight, Curtis People Places and Things / Mysterious Lady  7"
As Curtis Knight Zeus
DNS1066 Streakers Turn Me Down / Wake up to Sunshine  7"
DNS1067 Renegade A Little Rock 'n' Roll / My Revolution  7"
DNS1068 D'Jurann Jurann Streakin' / Oh Janine  7"
DNS1069 Casuals The Witch / Good Times  7"
DNS1070 Ritz Jenny Gentle / Why Love  7"
DNS1071 Friel, Brian Joseph Mailbox Blues / Louise is Loose  7"
DNS1072 Brotherhood of Man Lady / Love's Bound to Get Ya  7"
DNS1073 Gilvray, Billy Rock and Roll Days / Hot Burritto  7"
DNS1074 Gilvray, Frances Hear My Voice on the Radio / Fine Weather  7"
DNS1075 Noy's Band Love Potion Number Nine / Eldorado  7"
DNS1076 Washington Flyers Another Saturday Morning / The Comets are Coming  7"
DNS1077 Hearts of Soul Love Not Money / Eve  7"
DNS1078 Prelude Here Comes the Sun / Follow Me Down  7"
DNS1079 Fifth Form Back at School / Darling  7"
DNS1080 Stumpy Make Me a Superman / Keep It Coming  7"
DNS1081 Not Issued Not Issued  7"
DNS1082 Jones, Emmaline What Good is I Love You / Just You and I  7"
DNS1083 Not Issued Not Issued  7"
Possibly scheduled for reissue of Kinks "Dedicated Follower of Fashion"
DNS1084 Baz Portrait  / B Side  7"
DNS1085 Rose, Tim You've Got to Hide Your Love Away / If I Were a Carpenter  7"
DNS1086 Wilson, Peter Big Man / Barefootin'  7"
DNS1087 Fruupp Prince of Heaven / The Jaunting Car  7"
DNS1088 Franc, Peter Flag of Convenience / At Home With You  7"
DNS1089 Prelude Dear Jesus / Lady from a Small Town  7"
DNS1090 Kilburn & the High Roads Rough Kids / Bill Bentley   7"
DNS1091 Brotherhood of Man Lady Lady Lady Lay / Join the Party  7"
DNS1092 Mungo Jerry All Dressed Up and No Place to Go / Shake 'Til I Break / Too Fast to Live and Too Young to Die / Burnin' Up  7"
DNS1093 Elgin, Steve Don't Leave Your Lover Lying Around (Dear) / Seductress  7"
DNS1094 Small Wonder Ordinary Boy / Ride a Black Sheep  7"
DNS1095 Zenith A Face You Won't Forget / Just the Two of Us in Mind  7"
DNS1096 Others Love Donation / Sad Song (Something Wrong)  7"
DNS1097 Fifth Form When You're Hot You're Hot / I Get a Buzz  7"
DNS1098 Butterfly, Raymond Rock & Roll Blonde / Rock & Roll in My Soul  7"
DNS1099 Brotherhood of Man Spring of 1912 / Movin' with Susan  7"
DNS1100 Prelude Fly  / Rock Dreams  7"
DNS1101 Stray Precious Love / Recover  7"
DNS1102 Kilburn & the High Roads Crippled with Nerves / Huffety Puff  7"
DNS1103 Not Issued Not Issued  7"
DNS1104 Matchbox Rock 'n' Roll Band / Born to Rock 'n' Roll  7"
DNS1105 Fynnius Fogg Roller Skatin' Baby / Nowhere Road  7"
DNS1106 Kendrick, Linda House of Cards / Music Brings Us Joy  7"
DNS1107 Friel, Brian Joseph Growing Stronger / Fat City  7"
As Brian Friel
DNS1108 Me & Him For the Sake of the Show / The Loving Arc  7"
DNS1109 Ryan, Barry Do That / The Summer's Over  7"
B side by Paul & Barry Ryan
DNS1110 Phoenix Pictures of You / Thrill Me With Your Love  7"
DNS1111 Brotherhood of Man Kiss Me Kiss Your Baby / Put Out the Fire  7"
DNS1112 Zenith A Fool That Was In Love / Silent Words  7"
DNS1113 Mungo Jerry In the Summertime / She Rowed  7"
DNS1114 Sandgate A Thousand Years / Such a Sad Song  7"
DNS1115 Gravy Train Climb Aboard the Gravy Train / Sanctuary  7"
DNS1116 Foster, David Gonna Do It Anyway / Yesterday's Morning  7"
DNS1117 Stray Smile / Stand Up and be Counted  7"
DNS1118 Dancer Hate Generator / Love Seeds  7"
DNS1119 Brotherhood of Man Be My Lovin' Baby / Shame On You Baby  7"
Scheduled but unissued
DNS1120 Prelude A Love Song / Me and the Boy  7"
DNS1121 Me & Him Waiting There / Now You're Down in London  7"
DNX2501 Cooper, Mike Your Lovely Ways Parts 1 & 2 / Watching You Fall Parts 1 & 2  7"
DNX series were maxi-singles
DNX2502 Mungo Jerry In the Summertime / Mighty Man / Dust Pneumonia Blues  7"
DNX2503 Titus Groan Open the Door Homer / Woman of the World / Liverpool  7"
DNX2504 Demon Fuzz I Put a Spell on You / Message to Mankind / Fuzz Oriental Blues  7"
DNX2505 Mungo Jerry Baby Jump / The Man Behind the Piano / Maggie / Midnight Special / Mighty Man  7"
B side titled Live from Hollywood
DNX2506 Comus Diana / In the Lost Queen's Eyes / Winter is a Coloured Blind  7"
DNX2507 Atlantic Bridge I Can't Lie To You / Hilary Dickson / Childhood Room  7"
DNX2508 Brett, Paul Reason For Your Askin' / Everlasting Butterfly / Savannah Ladies / To Everyman (Freedom)  7"
As Paul Brett's Sage
DNX2509 Heron Bye and Bye / Through Time / Only a Hobo / I'm Ready to Leave  7"
DNX2510 Mungo Jerry Lady Rose / Have a Whiff On Me / Milk Cow Blues / Little Louis  7"
Also released with Have a Whiff On Me replaced by She Rowed
DNX2511 Cooper, Mike Too Late Now / The Ballad of Fulton Allen / Good Times  7"
DNX2512 Bronx Cheer Barrelhouse Player / Surprising Find / Weather or Not / Party of One  7"
DNX2513 Mungo Jerry You Don't Have to be in the Army to Fight in the War / The Sun is Shining / O'Reilly / We Shall Be Free  7"
DNX2514 Mungo Jerry Open Up / Going Back Home / I Don't Wanna Go Back to School / No Girl Reaction  7"
DNX2515 Mungo Jerry My Girl and Me / Summer's Gone / 46 and On / It's a Goodie Boogie Woogie  7"