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Apple Records was founded by the Beatles in 1968 as part of the "Apple Corps" project.  Apple put out most of the subsequent recordings by the Beatles and their individual solo projects, as well as many other releases by an eclectic mix of artists including Mary Hopkin, Billy Preston and Hot Chocolate. The label was run for most of it's lifetime by Neil Aspinall, formerly the Beatles road manager. Other than the music releases, Apple's main notority has come from a series of high-profile court battles with Apple Computer over trademark infringement.


Cat no Artist Title Format
(S) APCOR1 Harrison, George Wonderwall Music   LP
Stereo / Mono Issues
PCS7067/8 / PMC7067/8 Beatles The Beatles   LP
Stereo / Mono Issues 2xlp no'd with poster & 4 prints
SAPCOR2-Track 613012 / APCOR2 Lennon, John & Yoko Ono Unfinished Music No 1:Two Virgins   LP
Stereo / Mono Issues
(S) APCOR3 Taylor, James James Taylor   LP
Stereo / Mono Issues
(S) APCOR4 Modern Jazz Quartet Under the Jasmine Tree   LP
Stereo / Mono Issues
PCS / PMC7070 Beatles Yellow Submarine   LP
Stereo / Mono Issues
(S) APCOR5 Hopkin, Mary Post Card   LP
Stereo / Mono Issues.Stereo reissue 1991 with bonus 12"
(S) APCOR6 Lomax, Jackie Is This What You Want   LP
Stereo / Mono Issues
SAPCOR7 Delaney & Bonnie The Original Delaney & Bonnie   LP
Unreleased on Apple
ZAPPLE01 Lennon, John & Yoko Ono Unfinished Music No 2:Life with the Lions   LP
ZAPPLE02 Harrison, George Electronic Sound   LP
SAPCOR8 Iveys Maybe Tomorrow   LP
Originally Unissued in UK until 1992 with bonus 12"
SAPCOR9 Preston, Billy That's the Way God Planned It   LP
Reissued 1991 with bonus 12"
PCS7088 Beatles Abbey Road   LP
some with "mis-aligned" Apple logo on rear
SAPCOR10 Modern Jazz Quartet Space   LP
SAPCOR11 Lennon, John & Yoko Ono Wedding Album   LP
Box Set
CORE2001 Plastic Ono Band Live Peace in Toronto 1969   LP
With Calendar
SAPCOR12 Badfinger Magic Christian Music   LP
Reissued 1991 with bonus 12"
PCS7101 Starr, Ringo Sentimental Journey   LP
PCS7102 McCartney, Paul McCartney   LP
PXS1 Beatles Let It Be   Box
SAPCOR13 Troy, Doris Doris Troy   LP
Reissued 1992 with bonus 12"
SAPCOR14 Preston, Billy Encouraging Words   LP
Reissued 1993 with bonus 12"
PAS10002 Starr, Ringo Beaucoups of Blues   LP
SAPCOR15 Tavener, John The Whale   LP
PCS7096 Beatles Let It Be   LP
SAPCOR16 Badfinger No Dice   LP
Reissued 1992 with bonus 12"
STCH639 Harrison, George All Things Must Pass   Box
3xlp with poster
PCS7124 Lennon, John & the Plastic Ono Band John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band   LP
SAPCOR17 Ono, Yoko & the Plastic Ono Band Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band   LP
SAPCOR18 Radha Krishna Temple (London) The Radha Krishna Temple   LP
SAPCOR20 Tavener, John Celtic Requiem   LP
PAS10003 McCartney, Paul & Linda Ram   LP
SAPCOR21 Hopkin, Mary Earth Song-Ocean Song   LP
PAS10004 Lennon, John & the Plastic Ono Band Imagine   LP
with poster & postcard.Quadrophonic issue 1972 Q4PAS10004
SAPTU101 / 2 Ono, Yoko & the Plastic Ono Band Fly   LP
2xlp with poster & postcard
PCS7142 Wings Wild Life   LP
STCX3385 V/A The Concert For Bangla Desh   Box
Box Set 3xlp inc George Harrison,Bob Dylan etc
SAPCOR19 Badfinger Straight Up   LP
Reissued 1993 with bonus 12"
PCSP716 John & Yoko / Plastic Ono Band Sometime in New York City   LP
SAPCOR22 Elephant's Memory Elephant's Memory   LP
SAPCOR23 Hopkin, Mary Those were the Days   LP
APCOR24 V/A Phil Spector's Christmas Album   LP
SAPCOR25 Van Eaton, Lon & Derrek Brother   LP
SAPDO1001 Ono, Yoko & the Plastic Ono Band Approximately Infinite Universe   LP
SAPDO1002 Shankar, Ravi & Ali Akbar Khan In Concert-1972   LP
PCSP717 Beatles The Beatles 1962-1966   LP
2xlp.Reissued 1978 on red vinyl PCSPR717
PCSP718 Beatles The Beatles 1967-1970   LP
2xlp.Reissued 1978 on blue vinyl PCSPB718
PCTC251 McCartney, Paul & Wings Red Rose Speedway   LP
PAS10006 Harrison, George Living in the Material World   LP
PCTC252 Starr, Ringo Ringo   LP
SAPCOR26 Ono, Yoko & the Plastic Ono Band Feeling the Space   LP
PCS7165 Lennon, John Mind Games   LP
SAPCOR27 Badfinger Ass   LP
PAS10007 McCartney, Paul & Wings Band on the Run   LP
with poster
PAS10008 Harrison, George Dark Horse   LP
PCTC253 Lennon, John Walls and Bridges   LP
PCS7169 Lennon, John Rock 'n' Roll   LP
PCS7168 Starr, Ringo Goodnight Vienna   LP
PAS10009 Harrison, George Extra Texture (Read All About It)   LP
PCS7173 Lennon, John Shaved Fish   LP
PCS7170 Starr, Ringo Blast From Your Past   LP
PCSP726 Beatles Live at the BBC   LP
SAPCOR28 Badfinger Come and Get It -the Best of Badfinger   LP
PCSP727 Beatles Anthology 1   LP
PCSP728 Beatles Anthology 2   LP
PCSP729 Beatles Anthology 3   LP
724352148110 Beatles Yellow Submarine Soundtrack   LP
also yellow vinyl
724352932511 Beatles 1   LP
724359543802 Beatles Let It Be-Naked   LP


Cat no Artist Title Format
R5722 Beatles Hey Jude / Revolution  7"
2 Hopkin, Mary Those were the Days / Turn Turn Turn  7"
3 Lomax, Jackie Sour Milk Sea / The Eagle Laughs At You  7"
4 Black Dyke Mills Band Thingumybob / Yellow Submarine  7"
5 Iveys Maybe Tomorrow / And Her Daddy's a Millionaire  7"
6 Trash Road To Nowhere / Illusions  7"
7 Hopkin, Mary Lontana Dagli Occhi / The Game  7"
Unreleased in UK
8 Brute Force King of Fuh / Nobody Knows  7"
9 Hopkin, Mary Prince en Avignon / The Game  7"
Unreleased in UK
10 Hopkin, Mary Goodbye / Sparrow  7"
R5777 Beatles Get Back / Don't Let Me Down  7"
11 Lomax, Jackie New Day / Fall Inside Your Eyes  7"
R5786 Beatles The Ballad of John and Yoko / Old Brown Shoe  7"
12 Preston, Billy That's the Way God Planned It / What About You  7"
CT1 V/A Walls Ice Cream Presents EP  7"
Mary Hopkin, Iveys, Jackie Lomax, James Taylor
13 Plastic Ono Band Give Peace a Chance / Remember Love  7"
14 Iveys Dear Angie / No Escaping Your Love  7"
Unreleased in UK
15 Radha Krishna Temple (London) Hare Krishna Mantra / Prayer to the Spiritual Masters  7"
17 Trash Golden Slumbers-Carry that Weight / Trash Can  7"
18 Hot Chocolate Band Give Peace a Chance / Living Without Tomorrow  7"
19 Preston, Billy Everything's All Right / I Want to Thank You  7"
APPLES1001 Plastic Ono Band Cold Turkey / Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking for a Hand in the Snow)  7"
R5814 Beatles Something / Come Together  7"
20 Badfinger Come and Get It / Rock of All Ages  7"
21 Preston, Billy All That I've Got (I'm Gonna Give It To You) / As I Get Older  7"
22 Hopkin, Mary Temma Harbour / Lontano Dagli Occhi  7"
23 Lomax, Jackie How the Web Was Woven / Thumbin' a Ride  7"
APPLES1002 Plastic Ono Band You Know My Name (Look Up the Number) / What's the New Mary Jane  7"
APPLES1003 Lennon / Ono with the Plastic Ono Band Instant Karma / Who Has Seen the Wind  7"
24 Troy, Doris Ain't That Cute / Vaya Con Dios  7"
R5833 Beatles Let It Be / You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)  7"
25 Radha Krishna Temple Govinda / Govinda Jai Jai  7"
26 Hopkin, Mary Knock Knock Who's There / I'm Going to Fall in Love Again  7"
27 Hopkin, Mary Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be) / Fields of St Etienne  7"
Unreleased in UK
28 Troy, Doris Jacob's Ladder / Get Back  7"
29 Preston, Billy My Sweet Lord / As Long As I Got My Baby  7"
30 Hopkin, Mary Think About Your Children / Heritage  7"
31 Badfinger No Matter What / Better Days  7"
32 Taylor, James Carolina in My Mind / Something's Wrong  7"
R5884 Harrison, George My Sweet Lord / What Is Life  7"
R5889 McCartney, Paul Another Day / Oh Woman Oh Why  7"
R5892 Lennon / Ono with the Plastic Ono Band Power to the People / Open Your Box  7"
R5898 Starr, Ringo It Don't Come Easy / Early 1970  7"
33 Spector, Ronnie Try Some Buy Some / Tandoori Chicken  7"
34 Hopkin, Mary Let My Name Be Sorrow / Kew Gardens  7"
35 Badfinger Name of the Game / Suitcase  7"
36 Elliot, Bill & the Elastic Oz Band God Save Us / Do the Oz  7"
R5912 Harrison, George Bangla-Desh / Deep Blue  7"
R5914 McCartney, Paul & Linda The Back Seat of My Car / Heart of the Country  7"
37 Shankar, Ravi Joi Bangla / Oh Bhaugowan / Raga Mishri-Jhinjhoti  7"
38 Ono, Yoko Mrs Lennon / Midsummer New York  7"
39 Hopkin, Mary Water Paper and Clay / Jefferson  7"
R5932 Wings Love is Strange / I Am Your Singer  7"
40 Badfinger Day After Day / Sweet Tuesday Morning  7"
41 Ono, Yoko Mindtrain / Listen the Snow is Falling  7"
R5936 Wings Give Ireland Back to the Irish / (Version)  7"
R5944 Starr, Ringo Back Off Boogaloo / Blindman  7"
42 Badfinger Baby Blue / Flying  7"
Unreleased in UK
R5949 Wings Mary Had a Little Lamb / Little Woman Love  7"
43 Hodge, Chris We're On Our Way / Supersoul  7"
44 Sundown Playboys Saturday Nite Special / Valse de Soleil Coucher (Sundown Waltz)  7"
Also 10" playing at 78rpm
R5953 Lennon / Ono with the Plastic Ono Band Woman is the Nigger of the World / Sisters O Sisters  7"
R5970 Lennon / Ono with the Plastic Ono Band Happy Xmas (War is Over) / Listen the Snow is Falling  7"
Green Vinyl
45 Elephant's Memory Power Boogie / Liberation Special  7"
R5973 Wings Hi Hi Hi / C Moon  7"
46 Van Eaton, Lon & Derrek Warm Woman / More Than Words  7"
R5985 McCartney, Paul & Wings My Love / The Mess  7"
47 Ono, Yoko & the Plastic Ono Band Death of Samantha / Yang Yang  7"
R5988 Harrison, George Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) / Miss O'Dell  7"
R5987 McCartney, Paul & Wings Live and Let Die / I Lie Around  7"
R5992 Starr, Ringo Photograph / Down and Out  7"
R5993 McCartney, Paul & Wings Helen Wheels / Country Dreamer  7"
48 Ono, Yoko & the Plastic Ono Band Run Run Run / Men Men Men  7"
R5994 Lennon, John Mind Games / Meat City  7"
R5995 Starr, Ringo You're Sixteen / Devil Woman  7"
R5996 McCartney, Paul & Wings Jet / Let Me Roll It  7"
49 Badfinger Apple of My Eye / Blind Owl  7"
R5997 McCartney, Paul & Wings Band on the Run / Zoo Gang  7"
R5998 Lennon, John Whatever Gets You Thru the Night / Beef Jerky  7"
R5999 McCartney, Paul & Wings Junior's Farm / Sally G  7"
Re-released 1975 with A & B sides reversed
R6000 Starr, Ringo Only You / Call Me  7"
R6001 Harrison, George Dark Horse / Hari's on Tour (Express)  7"
R6002 Harrison, George Ding Dong  / I Don't Care Anymore  7"
R6003 Lennon, John # 9 Dream / What You Got  7"
R6004 Starr, Ringo Snookeroo / Oo-wee  7"
R6005 Lennon, John Stand By Me / Move Over Ms L  7"
R6007 Harrison, George You / World of Stone  7"
R6009 Lennon, John Imagine / Working Class Hero  7"
R6011 Starr, Ringo Oh My My / No No Song  7"
R6012 Harrison, George This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying) / Maya Love  7"
APP1 V/A Apple EP  7"
Mary Hopkin,Jackie Lomax, Badfinger, Billy Preston
R6406 Beatles Baby It's You EP  7"
R6422 Beatles Free as a Bird / Christmas Time (Is Here Again)  7"
R6425 Beatles Real Love / Baby's in Black (Live)  7"